Cold Weather Causes Another Main Break in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- The cold temperatures are causing problems for folks in Lackawanna County once again.

There was another water main break in Scranton Saturday morning.

Pennsylvania American Water tells us the main on Providence Road broke around 7:30 in the morning and several homes and businesses were affected.

Crews were on scene much of the day fixing the issue.

Officials say the repairs are finished in Lackawanna County.


  • luvshorses

    Sometimes people amaze me. Do you know how many miles of pipe there is UNDERGROUND where it is not visible by the naked eye. I need to ask all of those who point their fingers at others about trying to foresee something that the cold weather and or years of being UNDERGROUND has caused to rupture .. do you look at inch of your house and maintain it 24/7? For the love of all that is .. life though it may have some downs, is so much better in our nation and cities (and I don’t care which one you want to point out) than it is in so many other places on this planet. Can you never be OK with the fact that sometimes you may be a little inconvenienced, but in the big picture, you are more blessed and have more things you will whine about not always being at your beck and call than most. And how about a thank you for all that service you instead of the constant barrage of insults??? Oh, wait, that would take a rational mind and one that is not constantly focused on “me” and how “I” am inconvenienced.. sorry, it doesn’t happen often…


    What do you mean? Other communities are having the same…. (never mind) Hard to imagine anything corrupt in government affairs in Scranton. At least WNEP will have an ongoing news story for a while instead of mobile home fires, church bazaars, meth in Berwick, and the weather.

  • John Doe

    looks like someone didn’t initially install the water lines properly the first time.. lets not blame the cold weather

    • Sundown

      Water mains break, here, there, everywhere, sith happens. as luvshores said, better to live here than anywhere else! Somalia sure would stink, so would Afghanistan, hmmmm, Russia is run by a bigger madman than us…so, I think we should all count our blessings, and yes we are spoiled!

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