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Rising Cost Of Diesel Causing Pain At The Pump

SAINT CLAIR — Those who fill up with diesel fuel are feeling some extra pain at the pump. Prices are continuing to skyrocket and many are feeling the pinch.

The price of diesel fuel is the highest it’s been around here since September according to the U.S. Energy Department.

Filling up is getting rather pricey for those driving diesel vehicles.

At Schuylkill Transportation System, 14 of their 43 buses require the more expensive fuel.

“It is a challenge always because the diesel and gasoline are one of our highest expenses with being in transportation,” said Dana Moyer.

Diesel drivers are paying $4.69 in Saint Clair, the highest since September according to the U.S. Energy Department.

But STS has a contract, where they’re only paying about $3.17 a gallon.

The street department in Pottsville runs eight diesel vehicles. They say they too aren’t paying retail and aren’t worried about the prices just yet

But that might change if they continue to go up.

“We might just have to park a truck or two, alternate vehicles on a day to day basis instead of using all of them. We might just have to use one or two,” said Pottsville superintendent of streets Daniel Kelly.

They’re not expecting the price to drop any time soon.

With the constant rise in cost of fuel, workers at the Schuylkill Transportation System say the cost of riding may also have to go up.

“We are considering a fare increase in our shared ride van program, and there may be a slight one in the bus program.  We haven’t decided that yet,” Moyer said.

That possible rate increase would be determined in March, something regular riders Ray and Bette Becker of Shenandoah understand.

“They have to, they have to, you know? That’s how the economy is.  you Have to go with the flow,” said Ray Becker.

“If they have to go up with the rates then they have to, you know? They’re just like every other company.  A lot of people are suffering with gas prices,” said Bette Becker.

STS promises to do whatever possible to keep these busses rolling, no matter how high the fuel prices rise.

As for the price of unleaded gas, AAA has reported that the price has remained low thanks to a decreased demand due to all of these winter storms many across the northeast have been dealing with.


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