Reaction After Man Charged With Killing Tamaqua Woman

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ALLENTOWN---Investigators believe Anthony Heath is a killer.

Heath, 24, of Allentown, is locked up at the Lehigh County Prison in Allentown, just a few blocks from where state police said he killed Angela Steigerwalt, 35, of Tamaqua.

Investigators said Heath and Steigerwalt had a sexual relationship.

Troopers said Heath admitted that late Friday night or early Saturday morning, he strangled Steigerwalt in his apartment on the second floor of this building in Allentown using an electrical cord.

Patricia Johnson lives right next door.

"I believe that he's guilty and I can only tell you that that Friday night before she was found on Saturday, I had out patient surgery that Friday so I was up, I was downstairs so i didn't bother my husband and there was so much activity on these stairs between 1:30 and 2 in the morning that I'd never heard before," said Johnson.

After killing Steigerwalt, investigators said Heath took her credit card and bought a lighter and lighter fluid, then took the body to an area in Jim Thorpe, in Carbon County where he set it on fire.

Steigerwalt was identified using dental records.

State police said the crime spree continued when Heath stole Steigerwalt's car and went to North Carolina, where he was arrested this week.

Karim Nema is Anthony Heath's landlord.

"I'm shocked. He comes, sits with me, talks, he's intelligent guy and I was shocked, I can tell you that. "

In addition to homicide, Heath faces charges including tampering with evidence, abuse of corpse, and theft.

"I'm glad that it's over with. I think it's a shame what happened, a shame," said Johnson.

State police said a Walmart bag with a receipt inside was found near the victim's body in Jim Thorpe.

That receipt led them to the store and the security video that they said shows Heath buying the lighter fluid and other supplies.


  • Sundown

    so even if she did have a relationship with this thing, is that reason she should get murdered? every man who cheated should get murdered? how many men would be left in the population?


    I don’t care if he’s purple , yellow or pink. Try him in a Court of Law. When he is found Guilty give him enough time to make peace with his maker if he believes. Then hang him in a gallows in front of the Court House for other purple, yellow, or pink criminal nitwits to see what happens when you commit such violent crimes.
    I bet the murder rate drops the first month.

  • Cindy

    Unreal. Angie was married for over ten years. The relationship angle of the story is just to beef it up. They only have this guys account of what happened. The commotion at the apartment could’ve been anything. Angie will never be able to tell her side of the story because this piece of garbage too life from her when he clearly had other choices.

  • mdog

    This type of scum weasels his ways into the woman’s heart.
    Then destroys the persons life. I’ve seen seen happen before
    they destroy the marriage, run off and leave their offspring, or kill you.
    This will never stop never.

  • Sharon Renee Aulman

    I’m tying to think of the words to post and nothing seems to fit.. what in the hell was that man thinking???.. Seriously… if she wanted to break things off… good… go away… why kill her?.. did she have children? I can’t imagine how they feel. Why in the hell didn’t he just walk away?????

  • Debbie Tamagini

    I have always been a viewer of News watch 16. I am extremely disappointed with the reporting of the story concerning Angela Steigerwalt. The insensitive way in which the “story” of her relationship with this man who killed her was reported the night before her husband and family were attending her memorial service. I guess a good story will always take precedence over sensitivity from your station. I thought your station used integrity in reporting the news. Well you blew it this time.. WBRE did a beautiful job to be sensitive to the family the same evening. I guess WBRE will now be my news station of choice.

  • TK

    It is a shame that the media tries to tarnish Ang’s reputation the day before and the day her husband and family are laying her to rest. There are two sides to every story and unfortunately he made sure she would never be able to tell her side! So before you go demoralizing her to make a sensational news story maybe the feelings of those who love her should be taken into account! This is a heartless attack on her character! Shame on you news reporter! Some news is better left unspoken!

  • jessica zellner

    Angela was a sweet girl. There is no proof yet that she was his lover. That’s only what the killer said. And commotion? How do you know it wasn’t her trying to get away from him?


      Did you even read the article? Investigators said they had a relationship, not the killer. I hope you never serve on a jury.

  • Ted

    This goon’s neighbor said there was all kinds of commotion in his
    apartment in the middle of the night. So she went and slept with
    this guy in the hours before her shift at Kraft started?? What excuse
    did she give her husband I wonder?? What would any sensible girl
    want with a low life scumbag like him??

  • ME

    Lots of unanswered questions if you ask me. The lesson here is, make sure you know well, the people you let into your house and life.

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