Couple Arrested For Alleged Child Sex Trafficking

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WILKES-BARRE – Federal investigators said Travis and Kyoni Humphrey have been arraigned on charges for alleged child sex trafficking across state lines.

Court records show that the couple took pictures of an underage girl last May, posted an online ad for an escort, and forced the girl into prostitution for about one month, in Lackawanna County, New York and New Jersey.

Authorities said at the same time of the alleged crime in May of 2013, Travis Humphrey was out on bail and awaiting trial for conspiracy charges in an unrelated shooting case in Ashley.

Parents who live at Eagle Ridge Apartments in Edwardsville told Newswatch 16 that the couple moved out a few weeks ago, and that they are stunned and disgusted by the allegations.

“It’s scary. You can’t even let your kids out of the house, out of your sight or around anybody,” said Jessica Johnson. “You can’t trust nobody.”

“Idiots like that don’t belong in this world. They don’t belong taking up space,” said Crystal Demay. “I’m glad they’re gone out of here. Because then, I can let my kids maybe an inch further away from me, but not much.”

The Humphreys are now locked up in federal custody.

According to authorities, the case was handled by Pennsylvania State Police, the Luzerne County District Attorneys office, and Homeland Security’s Operation Predator Program.


  • Sundown

    @pat I happen to have both, but apparently you don’t. mind your own business if you have any, if you don’t go get you some


    What do you folks expect up there in one of the most Political Corrupt Areas of the State expect ?
    Starting to sound like Philadelphia or Harrisburg and Pittsburgh Areas.
    You determine the determine the amount of Deviancy in your areas by the amount of the Deviant Political Class and then it a trickle down to the lowest of scum on the earth.
    Same crap has been going on over here in the Centre County area for to long now also.

    • Sundown

      You’re right of course, but other areas where the far-right live you have the wife-beating-gun-toting drunks, but they love Jesus! They hand their 9′ yr olds rifles, and their teens get high on pharms and mucinex! If we don’t’ clean our up households, then our communities, the ripples will just continue to spread no matter what our political or religious affiliations!

  • Eric

    Wow. Child sex trafficking, just one more thing to add to the resume of NEPA. I’m so glad this is such a great area to live in, full of decent people, oh wait I was thinking of some other place. Never mind.

    • Sundown

      Same kinda stuff went on in the city as here, just easier to find it and get rid of it here hopefully the recent crackdowns around will clean this place up

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