Beatle-Maniacs Remember

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HAZLETON -- It’s been 50 years since the Beatles made their first trip to America.

Two area men play their music and know a thing or two about the Fab Four.

The Beatles took America's music fans in another direction 50 years ago this Sunday by appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show. Multiple hit's later their music can still be heard on radio stations. Fans are remembering their first appearance.

“I was a little older when they came over, and again, I heard about them all week long, didn’t know what to expect and I became captivated by them and I became a huge Beatles fan after that,” said disc jockey Joe Sweet. “When the Beatles came out, it just changed so drastically that ‘wow, this is so cool, knock me out!”

It's been said that disc jockey's Joe Sweet and Gary Danish of Hazleton are walking encyclopedias about the Beatles. They also have a weekly radio show. When we visited, they were talking about the bands screaming fans.

“The weird thing is you had all that screaming you didn't have to mic the audience. The Beatles, it was feeding back through their microphones,” said Sweet. ‘That's the reason they gave up performing live because they couldn't hear. That’s what it came down too, exactly.”

Joe and Gary's studio is literally wall to wall with all kinds of Beatles memorabilia.

Although the Beatles broke up years ago, there are still plenty of surprises.

“I still have a disc from Scott that I haven't cracked open yet, so there is a lot more interviews. There are songs that Apple and Capitol Records they just released that they call the Beatles bootleg from 1963,” explained Danish.

If you want to hear Gary and Joe, tune in to WHLM in Bloomsburg, 103.5, Saturday morning at 8 a.m. and a rebroadcast Sunday morning at midnight.