Unlawful Contact, Corruption Plea Entered In Monroe County

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STROUDSBURG -- A man pleaded guilty Thursday morning in Monroe County to charges of unlawful contact and corruption of minors.

Jesse Green from Delaware Water Gap is a well-known jazz pianist in Monroe County.

He made the plea in Monroe County against the advice of his lawyer.

A trial was supposed to begin at 9 a.m. for Jesse Green of Delaware Water Gap, but instead, an hour and a half later, he pleaded guilty at the Monroe County Courthouse.

Jesse Green, surrounded by his family and friends, didn't want to explain why he pleaded guilty to corruption of minors.

It's a move Green's lawyer Thomas Sundmaker says he advised against.

“No one was victimized in this case,” he said.

Green was accused of having a sexual relationship with a girl beginning when she was 12 years old in 2008.

A jury was selected earlier in the week.

But Green decided to plead guilty to corruption of minors, unlawful contact with a minor, and endangering the welfare of children.

According to court documents, state police say Green, who is a well-known jazz musician, told his brother-in-law that he had fallen in love with the young girl when she was 12 and that sexual acts started to occur around the age of 14.

Green's lawyer says there were many different factors going on in this case.

“Many things he did not wish to have brought out in testimony that deals with other children involved,” said defense attorney Thomas Sundmaker.

Prosecutors say while the guilty plea wasn't what they wanted, they accepted it based on circumstances involving the victim.

“Ultimately it was probably the best results. We wanted to hold him accountable for his actions, as well as try to save the victim from the pain from having to testify in open court and give very intimate details about what had happened to her,” said Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Michael Rakaczewski.

Jesse Green must now undergo an evaluation to determine if he is a violent sexual predator. He must also register under Megan's Law.

He is scheduled to be sentenced in May.

Green could spend up to 28 years in prison when he's sentenced in Monroe County.


  • Sundown

    and since he is a “well-known” musician, here’s a lil’ song I wrote just for him…goes something like this…Jesse Green is an obscene ween…hide your children from the scene…pedophiles never come clean…only to marry the nearest teen…

  • Sundown

    they should put them all in some kind of work camp…and you can be their CO, howbowdatt? so molesting a child is NOT a crime you say? This is about the 20th dirt-bag I’ve read about in the last two months. If I saw these guys on my block I would throw rocks at them.

  • Todd

    He could get up to 28 years. But a child molester gets just a few years. I’m not saying what he did was ok. I don’t think he should get up to 28 years. Nothing here says he is guilty of a sex crime. But child molesters get an average of six years in some states.

    • rebe

      He confessed to having oral sex with the girl at 14 years old. By my count, that made him 38 years old. Is that not a sex crime?

      • Sundown

        these pedophiles and the scum that defends them’s biggest argument is that the sex was consensual, as absurd as that sounds. Kids are programmed to please adults for the most part. It’s the only defense they have for losers like this. Yes it’s a crime, whether found guilty or not! It’s a crime against everything moral and right. I would love to hit someone like this over the head with a hammer…a lot…

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