Sloppy Side Streets Causing Problems After Storm

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WILKES-BARRE – Many downtown streets and main thoroughfares are cleared of snow and slush, but some residents are complaining about sloppy and slippery side streets in several neighborhoods in and around the Diamond City.

During his door-to-door sales route on McCarragher Street, Mitchell Owens told Newswatch 16 that some of streets he walked along are still a mess, but he defended city workers.

"I used to be bias toward city removal, but they`re doing a good job,” said Owens. “It’s hard, we`re getting hit with storms twice a week, it seems like.”

Mayor Tom Leighton told Newswatch 16 that the city has plenty of salt supplies left, but he asked residents to clear their sidewalks and stay patient.

"I`m sure there`s some people that are not happy with the way that the roads are. Again, we got 10 inches of snow in the city of Wilkes-Barre, on top of picking up a double pickup of recycling and garbage in a certain section of the city,” explained Leighton.

Acting Fire Captain Jeff Berlew spent a part of the day with fellow firefighters, shoveling out hydrants that were buried or surrounded by snow on narrow side streets.

"Even when there`s no snow on the ground, we run into issues like that, but it makes it makes it quite more difficult with the snow on the ground.”

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  • B Jenkins

    Funny how Kingston had their side streets at least plowed once by 7am the day of the storm. Some streets in Wilkes Barre haven’t scene one yet. Mayor the City is not just between North St, South St, Penn Ave, and Main.

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