Local Couple Competes to Win Dream Wedding

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UPDATE: Alex and Jeremy won the contest on Good Morning America to be married on Valentine's Day next week.

JERSEY SHORE -- If you've been watching Good Morning America this week, you may have noticed a couple from Lycoming County competing to win their dream wedding.

The couple from Jersey Shore finds out tomorrow if they will get married on Valentine's Day on GMA.

Alexandra Rall and Jeremy Lazorka's love story began about two and a half years ago in Jersey Shore.

"They met at church. She was singing and my other daughter saw Jeremy standing in the back of church and said that's my sister singing. They got together then," said Evelyn Rall, Alex's mom.

Alex and Jeremy's wedding is set for August 30, but they may get married a lot sooner. The couple from Lycoming County is one of two finalists in Good Morning America's "Epic Wedding Showdown."

"She sent them a 300-word essay about why they deserve this wedding and she mailed it in and they accepted it," Evelyn said.

Alex and Jeremy were chosen out of about 700 couples to compete on GMA this week for their dream wedding. The competition included running a wedding-themed obstacle course.

"I get nervous watching him! Yesterday I was nervous and today it seemed stressful," said Jeremy's sister Amber O'Brien.

Alex and Jeremy are known as "Team Red" on GMA. Their friends and family members say they have been voting online for them every day, putting the couple from Lycoming County in the national spotlight.

"I told Jeremy I'd prefer to keep a low profile and he said last week, that's out of the picture now. We're going to New York, and there's no more low profile for this family," said Alex's dad Harry Rall.

"He really has realized how much outpouring and love and how blessed he feels to be part of this community," O'Brien said.

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