Frigid Weather Freezes Water Lines In McAdoo

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MCADOO -- The cold is creating some real problems in Schuylkill County.  The water pipes are freezing in the community of McAdoo.

Some believe it is the worst they've seen in 20 years.

Jerry Bergeron of McAdoo has to depend on his neighbors for drinking water and water to flush his toilet. Officials of the Kline Township Municipal Authority say Bergeron is one of 25 property owners that have been plagued by frozen water lines.

“I think it's pretty bad. What bothers me there is several people on this street, one is a 95-year-old woman, and she is forced to get water out of a hose,” Bergeron said.

Water authority officials say this winter's frigid weather has frozen both underground main lines and the lines going into homes.

“I've been to several this year and they say it's never frozen. People have lived there 10, 12, 14 years and they say they've never had a problem, so first time for everything,” said municipal authority member Steve St. Clair.

Some people are using water hoses to get their water. That includes the owner of Jo-Lyn's Restaurant, who just got his water restored.

“It was a project. You need water for coffee, washing your hands, bathroom breaks. It was a hard week,” said Brandon Brode.

The freezing problem is not isolated to McAdoo.

“In the last week and a half we have been to several different municipalities.  We’ve been in Weatherly, Freeland to name a few,” said plumber Ken Sency.

Officials of the Kline Township Municipal Authority suggest that property owners who have running water should let it drip so it doesn't freeze.