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FBI Raids Moosic Business

MOOSIC — Agents from the FBI raided a construction business in Lackawanna County on Thursday, telling us that it was related to an ongoing federal fraud and corruption case.

Glenmaura Professional Center on Montage Mountain houses several businesses.  We saw federal agents going in and out of only one of those businesses.

PCM Construction Management is a contracting company that has been in existence since 2008, according to its website.

We don’t know yet how PCM may be involved in the fraud and corruption investigation.

Federal agents arrived at the Glenmaura Professional Center in the morning and spent much of the day inside PCM Construction Management.

According to the company’s website, PCM is a contracting business responsible for overseeing several big construction projects in Lackawanna and Monroe Counties.

After several hours, agents took out boxes that filled the back of an SUV. Agents told us that the raid is a small part of more than a year’s worth of work by a federal grand jury. Agents say they executed a search warrant looking for evidence in an ongoing fraud and corruption case  because that search warrant is confidential the agents couldn’t tell us much more.

Employees at PCM Management didn’t have much to say either. We approached the company owner for comment but he didn’t have anything to say.

According to PCM’s website, the company was created in 2008 and has worked on big projects including Mount Airy Casino, Mid valley Elementary Center, and Fidelity Bank in Dunmore.

The FBI agents told us that the raid is part of a lengthy investigation going on for more than a year.  They also said it could be a long time until that grand jury comes to a conclusion.

We don’t know if the investigation involves PCM Management directly or one of its clients.


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