Towanda Area Gets Hit Hard By February Storm

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TOWANDA -- The northern tier got some of the highest snow totals from the latest storm. It’s a snowfall that still has side streets slick at noon as people began digging out in Bradford County.

Call it winter’s latest wrath piling up fast overnight in the northern tier.

“About midnight to one o’clock it started snowing.  And in about a half hour we had a good inch on the ground,” said ambulance driver Jordan Welch.

And driving only got dicier for an ambulance crew in Towanda.  Jordan Welch and Steve Berwick answered emergency calls early Wednesday morning, forging through one snowy street after the other.

By daybreak around seven inches had fallen there.

Decent driving conditions weren’t the only things that were tough to find in downtown Towanda but also business that opened on time.  Some delayed their hours while others like Community Cup Coffee and Tea House ran business as usual with plenty of customers inside after sunrise.

“I live in town so it wasn’t any difficulty to come down the hill and into the shop,” said Debra Fuller. “We have an old Jeep, a 95, and it plowed right through the driveway. Didn’t even have to shovel it.”

But a lot of people did have to shovel and couldn’t wait to get out there, like 5-year-old Evan Bump.

“It’s heavy,” he said.

“He loves it. All you got to do is say ‘it’s time to go’ and he’s up and dressed,” said his father Scott Bump

Scott also stressed his plow company and family depend on days like today.

“The more snow that comes, the more money I make.  We’ve had a couple of winters here over the years where we didn’t get a lot of snow.”

And the jobs might keep coming for Scott.

“We got more winter coming,” said Richard Grant.

Forecasters say more snow may head our way toward the end of this weekend.

“I’m hoping that since they got this one right that they’re going to be wrong for the one Sunday into Monday,” said Fuller.



  • ted larrabee

    I think pendot needs to to there job better than wait till someone wrecks there car or truck than plow the roads after I wrecked my truck I seen a plow truck go by

  • Kristy

    I agree Nicholas …. I’m just curious if this WNEP driver was texting while driving, as I was pulling out and behind one , that driver was texting , both eyes down on her phone…. Coming up on a red light…..

    • Steve

      Actually, there was no female doing this broadcasting – they were both males, and both very professional and courteous. And as far as the “ambulance driver” comment, it’s only a slap in the face if you have very thin skin. At one point or another, whether EMT or Paramedic, we DO INDEED drive the ambulance. No insult was intended by the comment, and no offense was taken by either EMS workers interviewed. :)

  • Nicholas andrews

    For the love of god “Ambulance Driver” is a slap in the face to the men and women who work in the Emergency Medical Services field. How about you take 5 minutes and find out what his job title actually is.

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