School Closings And Delays

Snow Day Means Slow Day In Tunkhannock

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TUNKHANNOCK -- Things looked a bit different Wednesday as people in Wyoming County started digging out from the latest storm.

A generous neighbor with a snow thrower tends to be a pretty popular guy after eight inches of snow. That was Peter Geschwindner in Tunkhannock, just one of many communities buried by snow.

“Right now, I am (the most popular guy in the neighborhood) because my snow thrower is working. Other people's aren't.”

We found the United Methodist pastor going from car to car, house to house.

“Some of the folks had to go to work. I didn't have to be at the office this morning so it gives me an opportunity to help out. It's a good place,” Geschwindner said.

“He's a good man, a good man,” said Jim Bamberger.

All neighbors like Bamberger had to do was clear off their cars.

“It was like that high on my car. Every car in the neighborhood is buried. Everything is shut down.”

One side effect to a snow day:  while people are busy clearing all the snow, they're not busy going to shops and stores. Downtown was dead.

Downtown Deli is usually hopping during lunch hour but they only had a few orders to fill on Wednesday.

“We get to clean up and catch up on that type of stuff and hope and wait for the phone to ring.”

A lot of people get a kick out of the bread, milk, and eggs rush at grocery stores the night before a storm. It was quite the opposite during the storm at Brick's ShurSave Supermarket.

“We only had like two customers the first hour. No one was on the road. The gas station across the street, no one did any business.”

It gave them a chance to restock the milk, after being cleared out the night before.

The manager says winter storms create their own shoppers' psychology.

“I've been here over 20 years and I've seen it all when it comes to that.”

And Wyoming County has seen it all when it comes to snow storms.