Snow Day in Lycoming County

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LYCOMING COUNTY -- Drivers got stuck all over Lycoming County as Mother Nature dropped about six inches of snow in the Williamsport area.

Nathan Lowman is visiting family and he says since he is from North Carolina. He is not used to driving in this weather.

"That's what happens when you have a two-wheel drive and no weight in the back of it," Lowman said.

Luckily, a nice neighbor helped him out.

"He's not used to it, didn't have a shovel. I just finished doing my neighbor's and mine. That's what we do around here, we help each other out," Sylvia Rook said.

People in the Williamsport area spent the day shoveling and snow blowing.

Ron Guthrie of Loyalsock Township plowed his driveway.

"It's easier than shoveling but it's a little awkward at times to get in and out. I have chains but I don't put them on because they'll scratch the driveway," Guthrie said.

Most kids had the day off from school. Some spent the day shoveling while others had fun playing in the snow.

I got out of the way so these kids could enjoy their snowball fight!

"It's fun just to get out, get active and have fun in the snow. Shovel and make money I guess," Dallas Fisher said.

"Pretty awesome because you don't have to be inside all the time," Tapanga Jolin said.

College students had the day off, too. Some students at Penn College in Williamsport spent the day building a giant snowman -- or should I say, snow beast!

"There's too much snow out here to just let it on the ground, so we wanted to make something that people could drive by and see. We figured, the snowman is pretty big," Caleb Wise said.

And with the way this winter's been going, big enough to maybe even last until spring.