Snow Day Brings Work And Play In Scranton

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SCRANTON -- On several side streets in the Electric City Wednesday, the roads were still clogged with snow after Scranton was left with nearly seven inches of snow overnight.

In the Hill section, Shannon Lanzo and her friend were literally sweeping it off her car; however the cars lining her block remained covered.

“Some people haven’t even made an attempt to dig their cars out, just waiting until the sun comes out to melt it,” said Lanzo.

All around Scranton, many were tackling the back breaking duty of digging out.

Matthew Syrylo and his father shoveled before leaving work and shoveled again after returning home.

“Took me two hours this morning, and I’ll be doing this for another hour at least, at the least,” said Syrylo.

Good Samaritan Ken Salisbury plowed the walkway around the church across the street from his house on South Keyser Avenue.

“I just try to help neighbors, I try to be a nice person,” said Salisbury.

After a hard day’s work, it was all downhill at McDade Park, with some fun-filled sledding.

“Everything’s put aside, and now it’s time for the adults and kids to play,” said one mother.

Sledding had been banned at the park for years due to safety concerns.

Now Lackawanna County officials have designated the fenced area as the sled zone with safety features added.

“We put hay bales at the bottom so they have a softer landing,” said Bill Davis, deputy director of Lackawanna County’s Parks and Recreation Department. “We put in some rules, just common sense things on how to come down the hill.”

For a trio of grandfather, father and grandson, this is a perfect way to spend the day.

“I used to take his father here years ago, so I promised him I’d take him sleigh riding today so here we are, we came over to try it out,” said Bill Opeil Sr., who brought along Bill Jr. and little Bill the third.

Sledding at McDade Park is free and open from dusk until dawn, seven days a week.

It’s located by the 9/11 Memorial.