Mother Accused of Hitting 9-Year-Old

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HAZLETON — A woman is locked up in Luzerne County after police said she hit a child with kitchen utensil.

According to authorities, the 9-year-old boy was at school when he went to the nurses office because of back pain. Officers said the nurse saw bruises and called police.

Police said the boy said his mother stuck him with a plastic spatula.

The mother, Holly Johnson, 34, of Hazle Township was arrested and now faces a child endangerment charge.


  • mike w

    Growing up with 2 other male sibilings,the occasional kitchen utensil
    our mother threw at us was not much of a deterent, it was the “wait till
    your father comes home” threat, of a few slaps on the back with a belt,that did the trick. we have to draw the line between discipline & abuse, and that can’t be too….. hard. Hope the mother got a fair shake.
    It’s like state game laws,guilty till proven innocent, not innocent till proven

  • junior

    Its funny how some of the anti-abuse advocates are giving their opinion on a matter which they don’t have enough information on. Their opinions are based on a post added by the media. The way the post is written, it infers that abuse has occured. However, neither the media nor us the commentors know seriousness of the injuries. Perhaps the boy sustained a bruse from the spanking but the facts were inflated to insite interest by the readers. I believe in deserved discipline. Discipline your kids, i do. For those who say that adults fall out of line and receive no punishment may need to loom further into our fedaral, state and local laws that were designed to get compliance and obidience.

  • ne3

    For some odd reason it appears as if parents have forgotten that the real purpose for spanking, not beating, a child is to hurt their pride enough to get them to obey, not to cause the child serious physical pain! Plastic is never a good choice when it comes to utilizing a foreign object to spank a child. Personally, I used a wooden spoon…and gave my children 3 taps to the top of the leg. My childten clearly knew that if they lied, stole, or did something dangerous, there would be no question as to if they would get a spanking or not, and there was no guessing as to what the spanking would be like. They knew that if they engaged in any of the three behaviors I’ve listed….that, yes they were going to be spanked, and yes, mommy was going to use the wooden spoon giving 3 taps to the thigh. Then we talked about what they can do differently next time, gave each other kisses, hugs and I love you. Then it was never brought up again unless we needed to show them a development of an unacceptable behavior. This type of physical discipline, (when necessary) worked well for our family! I love my children too much to not spank them if their behavior warrants it!

  • Willa

    How is it that meth is found in a house with children and Luzerne County Children &Youth turn their heads but someone smacks their child and they are arrested, I don’t understand.

    • Sundown

      You’re 100% right, the ones with the meth should be arrested and never see their children again, however, the trade-off is not to let abusers go because neglectors get away with it. I just don’t see the sense in beating a child who doesn’t know better, but if you hit an adult for a persona infraction it’s considered assault. Why would it not be assault if you hit a child? Just because one is their parent? If we knocked out cold a friend who was just about to drive drunk to save them and others from possible death and destruction that’s a viable reason to hit them, or you could give them a time out, and just take away their car keys. Same with kids, if you’re kid runs in the street, you can other give him a swat on the butt, and/or a time out. I did both. But if we hit people every itme they offend us when they open the hole in their faces, I dunno about you, but I would have a rap sheet 100 long! Adults talk alotta garbage, so do kids. BUT, adults know better, kids don’t. That’s why we teach them in a NON-VIOLENT manner. Adults who know better should just get away with it? But kids get beat-up by their parents?

  • Sundown

    Anyone on here who thinks it’s ok to mark up your child is an I-M-B-E-C-I-L-E I have a VERY long list of adults who deserve it much more. You can teach your child consequences without maiming them. My son is 17, got spanked when necessary. Left NO marks, and it was rare, and for SERIOUS infractions. And someone else touching my kid? Oh God help you if you did or you do. Unless my son is attacking you and you have to restrain in self-defense, ….which is unlikely because he is not a large person, carries no weapons, etc…for a parent to use a weapon on her child is disgraceful. AND HE IS ONLY NINE!!!! Not a 6ft. 200 lb menace to society. Like she is obviously. Lemmee hit her with a kitchen utensil. And correct me if I am wrong, but if as an adult, we hit someone with a utensil, a strap, or even a fist? aren’t we arrested for assault? People like you make think it’s well worth the risk to knock some sense into you! And if hitting your child in the way many of you abusers here endorse is the answer to society’s problems and full prisons, I got news for you, most criminals WERE beat as children you weens!

  • Debra

    That’s what’s wrong with these young people they don’t get their butts hit. We did n we are ok. I’m not saying beat them till they bleed .Maybe if we could smack are kids they wouldn’t be running around killing each other .they have no knowledge of consanguineous.

  • Bob O.

    let your child watch trash on TV, let him get filthy sex ed in school, etc, etc no problem but give your child a smack and you’re in jail. We have got to be the most messed up society in the world.

  • Granny

    Evidently a time out isn’t working either! The young children that are now committing crimes, that I have read in the paper or viewed on the news is terrible.

  • aprilshowers

    how is it possible to bruise and hurt a child with a plastic spatula? What the heck was she doing? I can understand some welts, but bad back pain? It has to be more than that.

    • Sundown

      30 yrs ago pedophiles and wife beaters were hush-hush too. To hell with them and this mother. what if God kicked butt every time an adult got out of line…there would be nothing left of them except piles of ashes everywhere..smite, smite, delete, zap…

    • The good old days.....

      Well there may be another side to this story. Growing up my Grandma kept a paddle in the kitchen and if you disrespected her she whacked you on the rear end with it–hard. I learned to not disrespect my Grampma! If I disrespected my parents, I got a crack on my rear and if I kept it up a spanking. Again, I learned not to disrespect my parents. I learned that when I was told to do something I did it! I am well into my 50s and I cannot believe the way children talk to their parents even in public. What I did get from being raised from “Old country Lithuanian Parents and Grandparents” was a rare disease called RESPECT for your elders and responsibility of your actions. Unfortunately after all these years I was never cured of these “diseases”! A crack on the rear from a plastic spatula he’s lucky he didn’t meet my dear old Grama’s paddle! At a time when kids are going into school with guns and going on rampages go ahead and tell me how well modern parenting is working!! Kids are now raised believing the world owes them something and when they don’t get it….lookout!

  • Lucey Russo

    There should be more to this story. The boy may have deserved it. Nothing wrong with discipline when necessary. I did not get it more then two times before I learned.

    • Eric

      People like you represent the typical nepa local. Now you know why this area has never been a positive environment and why it has become what it is right now, a dumping ground for unwanted things. Moving day for me can’t come soon enough.

      • Sundown

        I hear that! I married a local. I thought this would be good place to retire and a better environment to finish raising my son, however, I have been appalled more than once by the ignorance around me. But no, I am the bad person who has to feign ignorance to be accepted. That’s ok, I don’t need accepting. I understand we are all different, people from the city understand diversity except when it comes to those who have none. Dear Lord, what a tangled web! I love it here, I think it’s beautiful, but I see just as much and just the same crimes here as back home. It’s just not multiplied by the thousands..only difference.

      • ryry

        She hit him with a spatula, she didn’t tie him up, and lock him in the basement with no food or water for days. Its called keeping your kids inline and teaching them discipline.

    • ryry

      When my dad was a kid, if you acted up your teachers hit you, then when you got home and you got hit again. You didn’t leave the house without doing all your chores, you ate dinner at the table, did your homework. Then went to bed. You dressed nice, or didn’t step foot outside. And you were nice to everyone.

      What do kids do now? Talk back to everyone, and doing what they want. They don’t know respect. Today parents just hand their kids phones, and car keys and say have fun, and they grow up with no morals, respect, or responsibilities. They don’t even say THANK YOU anymore.

  • Dr. RothEisenSteinBerg

    Wake up, people. Your children belong to the government. If you discipline them, you will go to jail.

  • MommyB

    I am 37 years old. It was nothing when I was a kid to get a whack with a wooden spoon. Now, granted my mom NEVER hit me hard enough to bruise me. It was just a good warning whack.

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