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Woman Sentenced for Poisoning Cats

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PLAINS — A woman from Luzerne County will have to pay a hefty fine for poisoning stray cats.

Karen Block, 55, was sentenced by a judge after pleading guilty Monday.  She’s on probation for a year and must pay more than a thousand dollars in fines.

Back in 2012, authorities said she poisoned stray cats with anti-freeze outside her home on Helen Street near Wilkes-Barre.


  • piss poor cat neglectors

    M.c.c. and F. And M. M. Should have a 6 ft 6 280 pound brute pick them up by the collars and bang the nucklehead scumbags heads together and scare the crap out of them for causing her so much agony from the scum bag cat owners back then when it stsrted and even Now!!!# Never live next to dirtbag people or marry dirtbags is my advice.

  • kats socks

    It was self defense from what share told me. She was attacked by a cat and day of Hurricane sandy she toldbus a stray cat almost ran in her house when she opened her front yard. Sure she didnt take it to trial by jury just pleaded guilty. She plead guilty to alleviate stress. She was attacked by cat like freshour from scranton u. He was found not guilty of stabbing cat over 20 times claiming he had a disease. She was afraid of another attack her dog getting attacked and had to clean up fly laden parasitic cat crap all summer. Sign at school says: animals not allowed on Animal waste is a health hazard to our students. This was the teachers home under her windows and near her porch. DO you like flies around your coffee cup and cleaning up parasitic disease laden cat diarrhea with flies in your face eyes and nose? Katsock she 4 garden owls first and lots on non toxic repellants. Animal control told her , “If a skunk goes in the trap you are on your own. Dump it in the woods yourself. Cops also did not offer help. She was torturted with fear of rabies attacjs and other diseases. When non toxic reoellants failed she did what she had to do. This was her home and exposed to the health hazard of animal waste. If you dont Back her remove the sign from the school. At least there custodians would clean up the health hazard crap. At home a teacher if those kids her health in jeopardy cleaning uo diseased cat diarrhea. Care about you teachers too? Take the animal waste sign down at the school.

  • mariclair craig (@MCCraigCorcoran)

    Its not ok to kill animals. Trap? ever hear of that? Poisioning in this fashion is a horrible death. Whatever happened to do unto others as you would have them do unto you? does anyone surmise that these cats are feral? Someones house pet wanders over and drinks it, what about your dog? Like to see your dog die this way? Cruelty to animals is not a far stretch from cruelty to other living things. SORRY but there is no pass from me. Im personally horrified and don’t know how anyone couldn’t be.

    • animal lover

      Miss MC. Not okay to not be able to raise kids either and have authorities put them in foster care because of neglect, abuse, dirty houses on and on. Concentrate on singing the Lords praises for what you have instead of idle gossip about things and people you dont even know about. Love your kitties/kiddies dont you? I cant spell but really get a life instead of hiding behind an email address. May the road rise up to greet you may the wind and whiff and parasites of feral cats and parasites forever be in your pizza. I got no clue who this unfortunate person was but I read she had no intention to kill cats. May flies and pizza be on your face forever wicked platinum witch!

    • craig

      Do unto others? Do you eat meat? What the heck is wrong with you? Sounds like you got an envious case of cat scratch fever. Go yap to the chicken, fish, lamb, veal, turkey, and beef industries. They got souls too since you’re so hell bent on the ” golden rule” hippocrite ! Wheres your baby and baby daddy creep? You do unto others just fine. Go picket abortion clinics and fine mink coat and fox furriers and the deer hunters and bear hunters! Eat fried rattlesnake because you sound like a disgruntled devil.

    • good mom

      Anyone ever hear of a meat eater who says ” its not okay to kill animals”? Ever hear of moms who walk around with their hands in a fist and punched their own kid giving them bloody noses? Just asking bleached blonde. Let dog bite your kid in the face too cuz some folks too busy to watch kids or animals and live in a cyber world. Get over dead beat and go vegan.

    • mc dye job

      You are a dumb blonde whoever you are as expressed by your numerous statements. Biased and and an opinionated know it all. Your biased statements show what an ignorant uneducated goofball some women can be. Your ideas are a far stretch from the actual facts of her self defence as a LAST RESORT. Lately many want marijuana legalized. Comparatively, it is NOT a close or far stretch from getting addicted to more harsh drugs such as heroine or cocaine. Ever have a drug test? It certainly sounds you are on something or are an angry person for unkown reasons! People who live in glasses houses shouldn’t throw stones. Like the pun? You’re a fine one to talk about ” do unto others”. No more expert Christian judgements from you? Gee, why? Let us all know the list of things you did in your life that may be considered criminal by authorities. Is it okay to make kids lie about being punched in the nose by an angry mom? Not that it is you of course, but anyone for example. How many times have you punched your dog and kid in the nose or do they just do it to you or I mean near or far stretching analagously as a general example of lots of idiots in this world.

    • re: mariclarecraig from cat lover

      Great pic now she’ll recognize you at the grocery store. Wanna say all your bull to her face coward?

    • rich bitch

      Hey goldie locks! You love crap so much get a full time job at spca. Who is this BlickBlock or block oerson anyway? You sound like a dirty rat goldie locks with nothin better to do. Go change some shitty diapers and leave them on the dresser for a week. Get a full time job cleaning up fly infested crap for a living. Good christian. Sing it babe as you judge others . Are you god? GO ASK PAPA BEAR FOR HELP GOLDIE locks loser. Youre a cat crap disaster.

    • princess Grace of happy meals

      Really? Traps? Wanna tell us when you used one yellow haired pimple face? C MON . . . AFRAID OF MY LAWYER?

    • re: mariclarecraig from cat lover

      Why would you say that? Do you think you know her? Odd and thoughtless comments. Laws need to be changed to protect people from bring tormented from indoor/outdoor cats and ferals. Bothbas bad. Cat ordinances and leash laws for cats must be in place. Laws apply to rain rot starved horses, dog tied in duct tape, puppy thrown over mountain to die in bag. Hear of kid who just died from an infection given to him from his pet rat? How many infectious rats and mice and rodents with poison in them are esten by your dear neglected cats? The laws used against Block were misused and an injustice for her case. American law needs improvement and jerks like you will always have stupid opinions.

  • junior

    People, take responsibility of your wondering cats. There are no leash laws for cats but we do for dogs. Not right. Maybe the way she iliminated the problem was not the best way but it was a way that took care of those pesty cats whose owners allow to roam around. Plus isnt she allowed to enjoy her property without having to worry about those cats. Leave the lady alone and worry about your cats not getting out.

    • right on !!

      You are so fine poo poo choo choo they do stink and aspcs spca police Vets from plains animal hospital need to stop these unfortunate menacing csts in residential areas. Outdoor cats eat diseased birds and rodents the cats have no vaccinations and often spca tells good people: dont feed them. What are the poor cats to be left to starve to death and feeze to death? Arrest people like the guy who kicked his cat out because it attacked his baby. He should have humanely taken it to spca. Educate tormented people like Block dont rub more salt into her already tormented life and not getting help from animal prifessionals. No it wasnt cats fault but cat attacked block another looked weak and sickly she was afraid I heard. The creepy lazy neighbors should be watched and arrested for kicking their animals out not getting them vaccines and causing good folks on the street nothing but problems. I heard one or several families in helen st have more pets than allowed by law . One house had a dog cutest little thing never outside not vaccinated or ever taken to a groomer or vet. Did spca arrest those lazy suckers yet? NO nice clean good person and teacher is more fun too bully and get into trouble right? Disgraceful spca allowing animal hoarders on helen st and are the cops monitoring the child moledtor who loves gerbils? GEE WONDER WHY HE SLEEP S WITH THEM . Lots of rumors. Ah, let it go you got Block your biggest and best prize if the year.

  • Jason Thomas

    Who cares it’s cats? Idk why you guys are crying over it? I’m sure she’s a great teacher I don’t want stray cats around my house either. I would of done the same thing

  • former neighbor

    This woman is a teacher of children??? She should be permanently removed from that position ASAP! No doubt that God has a special place in hell reserved for her.

    • ME

      You’d be surprised at the attitudes of many so-called regular people in all kinds of jobs, even those who are supposed to be educated and know better. I’m glad they fined this idiot. It’s not the cats’ fault their owners abandoned them and now they have litter after litter. They should have made her do community service with an animal shelter, too. That would likely really tick her off. Personally, I’m waiting for the day when they throw people like her in jail.

      • Sundown

        IKR, it can make the head spin. Being where I am from I thought nothing in the world could shock me. I was wrong. I was shocked here just as much as I was surprised there. Things in one’s own family no less. Well, not mine that is. :)
        Your cat was a hero!
        I love my two cats, they’re awesome. One was my step-son’s he left here because we can look after him better, The other was found under our shed, one of our son’s was a recovering addict missing his cat from where he used to live and we let him have her but she is back with me now. She was 8 weeks old when we found her. She has to be in the middle of it all, keeping everything under control!
        somebody in his family poisoned a pregnant cat. With rat poison. do you believe it? She had her babies and after a few weeks, maybe just 3 the mother disappeared. The family member said she was gonna take the kittens to just “somewhere,” and leave them there. We took the kittens, fostered them and found homes.
        Another family member told someone to take kittens in a tied bag and throw them in a river. Nice. This guy’s son later offed himself. Prob because of his miserable father making him so miserable. Some people just have no soul.
        Yeah they’re only animals. I can see putting a vicious animal or wild animal down on attack, but to kill just to show what? Power? Control? Just because something is a nuisance in your life so put it down? People like that are a nuisance in MY life! But I don’t get to put them down, unfortunately! lol! We are stewards of this world, of everything in it. And all some do is kill it, and everything in it. Gives me the creeps.

      • you

        Personally I am waiting for the day when people bulling vermin like you are locked up in jail. You people are nasty nasty overlooking the fact of abortion legal killing of babies is ok. They and the child abusers child neglectors and molestors need to be locked up in jail. Focus on the welfare of people snd children not on an animal problem. People who let their animals run wild dont really love the pets anyway. So stop wining and bully those that let their animals and kids have a free for all causing and getting into trouble. You’re sick.

    • slap on the wrist?

      Teacher. You jealous? You were at min wage job ever know person who had abortions? Man you prople lessed up and do is the law.

      • right on !!

        Meant you messed up and so is the law allowing legal abortions. Dont feel sorry fir the kitties. Let animal control step up. Stop abortion and give 7 or 10 little kids a home. You people need a kick in the rear end!

    • neighbor

      Removed neighbor? How many times did cats from the dumpy car graveyard crap in your yard? You should rot in hell in your dump of a street now and forever more.How about the feral cat pit behind plains high? Maybe she’ll run for governor and get cat leash laws and cat ordinances passed in Plains. If you have a cat take care of it get it fixed and vaccines. You must feel gratified with fleas, ticks, hook worm, round worm, pin worms and many parasites and diseases from your cats and the birds and rodents they bring home. Dont care if your cat brings home diseases for you to catch or a car or fox could kill it? You are probably the kind that lets your cats walk on your dinner table and kitchen counter tops. Would you allow an expensive Siamese or Persian roam the streets? No because they’re too expensive. Which one of you welfare check bums are you? She is up for a promotion and about to make more money than ever. Plus she’s rich already which is the gossip around Wilkes-barre.

    • Sundown

      IKR! UGH! I would pull my kid outta her class! or at least make sure she knew she disgusted me! lol! Praise the Lord for Cyber-School!

      • sunny down

        Hey lots of teachers would be thrilled to have your poorly parented kids and goofball parents like you to ” pull your kids out of her class” lots if teachers would love that take your brats elswhere and yes you put up with them and home school them since you are so high and mighty. I support public education and think abortion should be illegal. Glad I dont know you or your twisted brats. The apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Get a life.

    • Sundown

      UGH! I take it you’re not a pet owner. I take it you’ve never been poisoned. Maybe someone should poison you and see how you like it. You and people like you make me sick.

      • B.Reasonable

        Cats do not have sweet receptors and so they can’t taste sweet. It is a common misbelief that animals drink antifreeze because it is sweet. No one has actually proven that this is true. Many vets believe that animals will drink antifreeze because they mistake it for water. Also, if an animal is out in the cold and all of the normal sources of water are frozen, then a puddle of antifreeze would look like a welcome source of water. OF COURSE HOWEVER, if it is a house cat that “accidently got loose” it would not drink antifreeze out of thirst (assuming it was well fed/watered at home and the owner recovered it quickly). As for a feral cat, it would probably never come near a house with dogs and has established all-season water sources within its territory already. You’re a bit misguided.

      • B.Reasonable

        Sundown….I bet Kavorkian, Mengele, Hodgson and Sanger are your favorite healthcare providers. You’re a bit twisted…..”maybe someone should poison you”.

    • ME

      Yeah, and what gives her the authority to poison cats? What if a cat accidently got loose? What if they were feral?

      • Tonto

        TONTO you know who you are. Was it your smooth fine expensive vodka that caused you to perjur yourself on a conversation that never took place. Worried about being able to get a hold of stealing the boxes of fascopy paper they use or any left over meds/pills? Best wishes to you and your twisted friends as you clean up cat crap and then euthanize? Oops lying perjury and euthanasia and stealing is legal for you?

  • **%&*%*(

    Wow Gene Berger, didn’t think you considered a responsible citizen as someone who puts out a poison that could have easily killed out native species as well as cats. Any person who commits these acts of cruelty should receive harsh prison sentences. Feral cats are a people problem; cats are just doing what is natural to them. Where were these cats poisoned? In a city where their prey would be exotic house sparrows and European starlings at most? You are ignorant.

    • Sundown

      Preach it! She prob bought food and put the poison in it, unless she fed them at home, yes indeed the wildlife could’ve easily got into it. I know someone who did that. It disgusted me and forever changed the way I consider that person.

  • mdog

    My cat got out when i was a kid, he was poisoned and died young.
    My cat was murdered, i hurt bad for a long time.
    Knowing evil people where out there made things worse.
    We did not much ,my cat was my world.
    When i moved here i noticed rats were everywhere in one yr
    i trapped over 100. So i planted cat nip to attract stray cats to stop in to my yard time to time.they took car of rats. All of them.
    Hantivirus is a deadly disease caused by rats,(deer mice) well the cats
    are beneficial. They also keep rabbits out of my yard.

    • Sundown

      So sorry that happened to your cat! It’s so sad when we lose a pet, but so horrible to have lost it that way! While I have to say that people around here respect human life much more than in the city, I will give you that much, (altho not lately, have you read the news these days?!), but the way I have seen some treat animals? Horrifying! My take is “respect life,” period. And if you don’t? Don’t expect anyone to respect yours! Or you as an individual. I have seen people here try to run animals done on purpose for fun, wild, domestic, don’t matter. Maybe we should run them over for fun? That would be fun! Or maybe the star of this article should be poisoned just enough to make her REAL sick, and see how she likes it.

      • mdog

        Thanks, sad thing is all the pets we ever had were strays/unwanted
        We spayed/neutered them and kept all of them inside except the one escape artist who passed last yr. Love hurts but no love is a void of nothingness.
        I respect all life i have tried to help people free of charge all my life.
        Sad thing is it works with animals far better than people.

      • sunshine cloud

        Sorry what happened to her cat? Give us a break. She and her husband whoever they are obviously didnt give a flying fig over what happened to the cats they abandoned to terrorize and attack people. They take care of their kids even worse than their animals. I heard spca and children and youth was after those inadequate dirty people living like hill billies in a residential area. They need to move to the back woods of Appalachia. When I read of that poor teachers arrest I drove using GPS to find the street. Wow. Being from nyc on business I was shocked at this run down coal crackin area. No surprise Kids for Kash movie is so popular. Corrupt area. Shame on you for picking on a clean living hard workin teacher. Yes teacher and shoud be proud of it. Now maybe your run down community will clean up its act!

    • ME

      I know what you mean. Years ago I lived in a downtown area of a certain county and there were lots of businesses and restaurants. Early in the morning, you could see rats the size of groundhogs, almost, under the dumpsters. When the stray cats came and had litters, you didn’t see any rats roaming around.

  • Eugene B.

    strays and feral cats cause an enormous amount of damage to native species and this is how a responsible citizen gets treated, we should be giving jail time to the cat owners

    • Sundown

      So call animal control! Most cat owners keep their cats in or close by. If a cat has a home base, they don’t wander far. Our cats are fixed. One is an outside cat who always comes in for the day, and sleeps in our garage at night,)we keep it cracked enough for him to come in. The other cat we’re not sure yet. I have yet to see these “packs” of wild cats you speak up. Maybe they’re in the middle of nowhere. This woman is a nasty piece of work for doing this, as are you for calling someone obese here on a public forum like you’re trying to better yourself by putting someone else down. People like you and the star of this article depict the ignorance in our communities. Kinda like the dark ages.

      • mary beavorson

        Cat population out of control and there must be a county wide neutering program. Cats carry rabies and try finding the cat that bit your child so your child avoid the nasty treatment for rabies. Additionally, cat scratches are very infectious.and may require hospitalization and antibiotic

  • Ann

    How about punishing the summer residents who keep cats as pets during the summer and just let them go in the fall? Do you know what happens to those cats? And the kittens they have?
    How about the cat owners who let their house cats out? Don’t you care if your cat gets run over? Or if your cat kills baby birds or baby rabbits? Is it satisfying to you to have your cat bring a dead animal to your porch?
    What is wrong with you people?

    • Sundown

      You’re such a ween, a lot of people let our cats out. One is used to being out, the other we are not sure yet. We leave our garage door cracked for the outside cat. It’s what he was used to when we got him. They are both fixed. While you have a point, it’s no justification for poisoning them. This woman is a POS. And the cat killing baby birds or bunnies? We don’t like that either, however, there is programming wired in them to do so. Ever see National Geographic? One year a hawk got the bunny that was always in our yard..should we have shot it? God created all these creatures, and He don’t take kindly to cruelty at ANY level. By the way. People like you and the star of this article make me sick to my stomach.

    • Eugene B.

      strays and feral cats cause an enormous amount of damage to native species and this is how a responsible citizen gets treated, we should be giving jail time to the cat owners, considering your obesity you’re a drag on our society too

      • Carol

        No, a “responsible citizen” would have called animal control! Yes, wild animals kill other animals… That’s just the law of nature. But for this woman to play God and poison those cats is unjustified. What if they were not stray cats? What if they belonged to someone and were outdoor cats? Then this intolerant woman could have killed a family pet! Yet all she gets is a slap onthe wrist

      • mdog

        Skunks and squirrels most likely do that damage.
        Skunks destroy my yard almost every yr. its what they do to get grubs
        and that’s a good thing. Cats are very private about their biz.
        They just get blamed by the haters – Romans thought they had powers
        so you might want to research that one. I think they may also
        from what i learned. Would you believe a cat saved a group of children from a very large angry stray dog by jumping on its back and digging in? I was one of the kids and watched in amazement.That dog ran like *&(ll” with the cat for a good 20 yds wailin like a hyena.Our cat saved us. RIP “MOMMA”>HERname.

      • B.Reasonable

        Eugene B……….But what does one do when “animal control”, police or the SPCA won’t help. God has given man (mankind; man & woman) dominion over the Earth. This entails the responsibility to care for the Earth as his.her home created specifically for him/her by God. The Bible places animals in an exalted place in this Creation. No, not a creature with a soul and the ability to know our Lord, but a living being that He created with care and purpose. It is our purpose to care for them. Sadly, this includes hunt to thin a herd to prevent starvation. It also include eliminating “wild” domestic animals who breed out of control and spread diseases. Poisoning may not be the best method (see other comment: animals don’t drink antifreeze), although we do use rat poison on rats. Everyone has the God given right to control feral animal, wild and domestic.

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