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What the Heck, Leck? : Your Pothole Peeves

When it comes to the potholes of Pennsylvania, no one seems to be short on words.

“They`re humungous.  They`ll swallow your car.  It`s ridiculous,” said Terri Mandigo of Taylor.

“Minefield comes to mind,” said Carmen Ferranti of Pittston.

Online, many of you shouted out on Facebook. Not only airing your concerns about PA`s craters, but also naming some of the worst roads in our area.

“I hit a pot road, not a pothole.  It`s Chase Road.  The left side is paved, the right side is paved and the middle is a pothole. All the way down from chase corners,” said Mark James of Shavertown.

“Sometimes I want to be fair and say it`s just the way our climate is and the way our geography is and sometimes I just want to wave my fist and say `what`s going on?'” said James.

So how do you get those problematic potholes fixed? We checked with the people with the power to patch the craters.

First thing you should know is ‘who’ is responsible to fix the pothole.  Is it PennDOT, your local community`s street crew, or someone else?

If the road has a route number, like Route 29 or Route 347, you know it`s a state road and PennDOT`s responsibility.

Here`s another way to tell if it’s PennDOT`s responsibility to fix a pothole: look for these little black and white signs . They all start with the letters S.R., for State Route. The number could be two, three, or four digits.

So, if you see the signs, you can callPennDOT’s pothole hotline: 1-800-FIX-ROAD.

Now if it’s not a state road, the potholes may be the responsibility of your community, or a private developer like on roads around a shopping center.

The best thing is to contact your local municipality.

And one more thing: if you get a flat, take pictures of the road, the damage, and car. Take that bill to your local municipality! Sometimes, you’ll get reimbursed! It`s a case by case basis.

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