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Students Bring Drug-Laced Candy To School

abington heights high school

CLARKS SUMMIT — An investigation is underway in Lackawanna County into Abington Heights High School students who are suspected of lacing chocolate bars with marijuana and bringing them to school.

The superintendent said the students ate the chocolate while they were at school. When other students found out, they told their parents who then told administrators.

“There’s probably going to be some disciplinary action. We’ve referred some matters to law enforcement. It’s a very complex response that we’ve made but ultimately our concern is the safety of the kids, both who were involved and the safety of the kids in the buildings,” said Abington Heights Superintendent Dr. Michael Mahon.

The students involved supposedly confessed to bringing the chocolate to school and are being disciplined by the school district.

A school resource officer from the South Abington police department is also investigating.

A drug-sniffing dog was brought into the school on Friday but didn’t find anything.


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