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Out Of Salt

TRESCKOW — Many communities in our area report that supplies to remove snow and ice from the roads are running low. In one place, they’re out.

Joe DeBlonde clears his front sidewalk in Tresckow. He hopes the forecasts for two more storms heading our way are wrong.

“I think it’s terrible. I don’t like the snow but living in Tresckow you’ve got to get used to it,” DeBlonde said.

Treskcow is a village in Banks Township. Budget woes mean no salt for melting snow and ice. The township does have two trucks filled with anti-skid, just enough for the incoming snowstorm, but not enough for Sundays forecasted storm.

Supervisor Joe Clark said he’s doing what he can to deal with the situation.

“If the forecasters are correct we may have a problem Monday or Tuesday. The local neighboring municipalities have offered to help but I’m sure they’re in the same situation we are things are tight.”

Resident Joe DeBlonde knows the salt is important to roadway safety.

“They’ve got to get money to salt and cinder the roads. People have to go to work and they’ve got things to do and it can’t be put off,” DeBlonde explained.

The current board of supervisors blame a former board for not leaving a lot of money to buy salt.

The lack of salt will mean anti-skid will be spread on the slippery Banks Township roadways for the latest storm. Officials hope there is enough left for the forecasted storm on Sunday.

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