Community-Related Weather Announcements

Community Related Winter Weather Announcements

Here are some community announcements regarding closings, parking bans and other changes due to the winter weather.
Check back for the latest updates.

Jennifer Wade February 19, 201412:20 pm


Starting at 2 a.m. Thursday, February 20, Bloomsburg will plow the following parking zones: Zone D, Zone F, Zone I. Vehicles that are not moved will be ticketed and towed. Plowing will also be done along East Fourth Street and Jefferson Street.

Jennifer Wade February 19, 201411:07 am


All COLTS buses are on snow routes Wednesday, February 19

Dan Ratchford February 18, 20143:41 pm


A reverse snow ban is in effect in Weatherly from 2 p.m. Tuesday.
All vehicles should be moved to the opposite side by 8 a.m. Wednesday.

Jennifer Wade February 18, 20143:20 pm


Starting at 2 a.m. Wednesday, February 19, Bloomsburg will remove snow from the following parking zones: Zone C, Zone J, Zone I, and Zone E. Vehicles not moved by 2 a.m. will be ticketed and towed

Dan Ratchford February 18, 201410:47 am


The following COLTS buses are on snow routes:

#12 Jessup:
Use North Washington to regular route
#14 Drinker:
Use North Washington to regular route
#15 Chestnut/Ash:
Turn around at Mill and Wheeler
#21 East Mountain:
South Irving Ave. to Beech Street to Stafford Ave. to Salvation Army then turn
#25 Valley View/Hilltop: Turn around at Cherry Street
#28 Pittston:
No Rocky Glen Road
#36 Lafayette:
Use Washburn to Main Ave.
#41 High Works:
No Allied Services
#43 Viewmont/Bangor:
No Bangor Heights
#53 Marywood / U of S: Use Adams Ave. to North Washington

Lauren Ryder February 18, 201410:15 am

UPDATE: The Pa. Turnpike Commission and Pa. State Police have lifted the 45 mph speed restriction on the east-west turnpike mainline. However, the 45 mph restriction remains on the Northeastern Extension from Mid-County Interchange (Exit #20) to Clarks Summit (Exit #131). It will remain in place until the weather improves.

Lauren Ryder February 18, 20147:40 am

Due to heavy snow and icy conditions, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and the Pennsylvania State Police have implemented a speed limit restriction of 45 mph for all drivers on the entire turnpike system.

Lauren Ryder February 18, 20147:12 am

Monroe County Meals on Wheels closed today.

Lauren Ryder February 18, 20147:12 am

Wyoming Valley Meals on Wheels closed today.

Lauren Ryder February 18, 20147:12 am

Union Snyder Agency on Aging Senior Centers closed today.


  • Mike

    I think they are making a bigger deal that should be made with this storm. The weather forecasters get off on scaring people.

  • the crow

    Give Joe and the rest of the weather crew a break one time not right on and every one takes fits what about the other 98 per cent of the time they are right. I can remember when you did not know the weather one day to the next know joe gives you a forecast for up to 5 to 7 days ahead and he is just about right on.

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