Bradford County Prepares For Another Wintry Blast

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Our northern tier is expected to see higher amounts of snowfall during the overnight hours of Tuesday into Wednesday and that includes Bradford County.

County emergency officials are wasting no time; they are staffing the command center overnight.

Shoppers packed into lines here at Connie’s Supermarket in Wyalusing, stockpiling supplies in anticipation for the approaching storm.

With a heavy snow fall expected in Bradford County, workers at the store say it’s been busy all day.

“Milk, eggs, bread, sugar, water, yeah, anything that they can pick up,” said manager Jennifer Norton.  “The milk man’s been here three times today so he’s brought us quite the delivery so they’re all preparing.”

Armed with provisions, people here say they plan to hunker down at home.

“We’re supposed to get what, 8 to 12 inches of snow, yeah, so what I have to worry about is being out of power but it’s very seldom in town here,” said Mike Milarta of Wyalusing.

At the Dandy Mart in Wysox, there’s no rest for the road warriors, or snow plow drivers, as they gassed up to take on the snow.

The plows were ready and the trucks were filled with plenty of rock salt.

“Very busy night and day, very much so, one to 14 inches,” said Matt Moore with Robinson Contracting and Landscaping.  “We know we’re going to get some snow, we’ve heard up to 14 so it’s a roll of the dice.”

“We’ll be up all night going at it and finish up tomorrow morning and hopefully salt everything afterwards and that will be it, so,” said Leon Mosier with Endless Mountains Lawn Care.

At the Bradford County Emergency Management Center in Towanda, workers will be there through the night, keeping a close watch on the snow fall.

“We knew we would probably not be able to get in tomorrow morning and we figured it would be better for us to be here during the night in case anybody in our municipalities needs assistance, the power goes out, first responders needs any helps, we’re here to help provide that,” said EMA Director Jo Ann Daly.

Both Towanda Area and Sayre School Districts will not have school Wednesday.

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  • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

    May your bread be moldy, your eggs be rotten, and your milk be sour. May you, one day, learn to break from the rest of the sheep. You will survive a few inches of snow, without these “necessary” commodities.
    Turn off your TVs for a little while, for your brains are rotting.

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