Tainted Heroin In Our Area?

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MONROE COUNTY-- Federal drug investigators are in Pennsylvania,trying to help state and local law enforcement track down heroin that contains fentanyl, a drug often used during surgery, much more powerful than morphine.

Officials said the combination of the two drugs has led to more than 20 deaths in the Keystone State in the past few weeks.

"Heroin is extremely dangerous to begin with, but heroin users typically know their habit and they understand how much heroin is safe, quote, unquote to use for themselves but when you start mixing it with other drugs like fentanyl, which is an extremely powerful drug in and of itself, it's something that's new and foreign," said Lt. Kevin Transue of Stroud Area Regional Police.

Lt. Transue said drugs are a serious problem in the Poconos and heroin is 'huge.'

While it has not been located yet, Lt. Transue believes the tainted heroin is already in the area.

"Now we have someone out there knowingly putting a drug into this heroin that is causing death so for us it's affecting our community even more so than what heroin does by itself. "

Some people in the Poconos were surprised to learn of the tainted drugs; others were not.

"I've heard stories of heroin, the tainted stuff, I've never heard of that so that's a little weird," said East Stroudsburg student Trevor Steinfeldt.

"Any drug dealer is going to be trying to get their product even cheaper and get more quantity out there. That's the idea of it I guess. Make more money," said fellow student Anthony Honorowski.

Police throughout the state including those in the Poconos are keeping an eye out for the tainted heroin, looking for products stamped with certain names.

They are reporting that information to the state attorney general and federal officials.

Officials at several drug treatment facilities told Newswatch 16 they are doing the same.


  • somegirl

    good for them, thats what you get for doing drugs. boo freakin whoo. go to rehab and stop doing drugs, retards.

  • Sundown

    You’re a peach aren’tcha? Believe me, I understand where you’re coming from first hand, but this is NOT the answer. instead of fat politicians wasting tax-payer money on limos and prostitutes, the should implement programs to help these addicts, and apply VERY stiff and LONG sentences to the dealers, perhaps even the death penalty if they can link a dealer to any specific deaths.

  • e

    It is always amusing reading the comments on this website that are related to drugs in this area. The majority of people in this area are abusive alcoholics and it is funny how they quickly they seize the opportunity to lecture someone else to make themselves feel better about their disgusting behavior. An alcoholic is the worst kind of addict, just because they don’t engage in home invasions or robberies doesn’t mean they are good people. Also going to church, working hard or having a family does not make you a good person, despite the widespread local beliefs. An abusive alcoholic is just as horrible a person as any drug addict. The majority of the local population are alcoholics and the behavior of the abusive people of this area is what caused the decent citizens to leave in record numbers and caused the influx of “outsiders” to this area. Bottom line is the behavior of past and current generations of WHITE locals in NEPA has caused all the current problems, so stop blaming all the minorities for the problems that have been growing here for decades. This information is, and has been common knowledge to the people outside this area for some time.

    • Sundown

      Most of what you say is true, me being an “outsider”, and my spouse being a local. We had a different set of problems in the city, but more or less the same. We had the heroin in the 70’s, Coke in the 80’s, Pharm cocktails in the 90’s,…more cops, more busts, but more people it’s hard to keep up. You need more cops here and detectives and narcs. That’s number one. Number two, yes the abuse and alcoholism reminds me of the “good ol days” when women and children were beat by their drunken fathers, and husbands, and on occasion one would wrap themselves around a tree or telephone pole. And yes, they do take down others with them. There needs put in place some kind of initiative to enlighten people on what’s dysfunctional vs functional. TV certainly isn’t doing it! They glorify high dysfunction as a matter of fact. The few good shows out there get lost in the dysfunctional mess. Our churches are a good platform for this if they would just stand up, and take a stand against it in a more public way. And they would need help from law enforcement to protect them while putting themselves out there like that. Drug addicts are for the most part, demonized The drug dealers are the demons, (or the devil), themselves. They need eradicated. Period. Even they do very little time for the most part. If you’re going to put a dent in the suppliers, you have to get their “employees” and “customers” off the streets, and smoke ’em outta whatever holes they’re hiding in. You have to pay attention to individuals who make frequent trips to urban areas and back and forth and back and forth…we need a task force within neighboring towns. The kids in our community are getting high on pharms and mucinex for now and parents have their heads up you know where because either they’re too potted or drunk to notice or care. More has to be done in the schools on a regular basis to address these issues and the whole privacy thing so as not to “offend” parents has to go. If a child in school is found at school drunk, high, with a weapon, bullying, etc..the whole household should be turned upside down and parents held accountable. If you have adult users in the house, oust them, report them, whatever it takes. The madness won’t stop until we stop it ourselves first. And no, I didn’t bring any drugs with me from the city, and I don’t deal them. So not all the people from the city come here to do that. We come here for a quieter life, and a better life for our kids…So much for that!

      • Sundown

        And to be fair, I have left out the deplorable women I see cropping up like ugly weeds getting involved in the drug gangsta lifestyle, and hurting their children, killing their children, and polluting their families and communities. They’re not women! They’re harlots from hell and need to be thrown into prisons and never let out. That news story about the shooting in the poconos is a tell all in this. All these people guilty of that horrendous crime were between 16-30! Their life is as done as those they’ve ruined.

      • balsagna

        Maybe you should learn some proper grammer before you go on a rant. And just so you know the church is to busy covering up molestation they don’t have time to wage a holy war against drug use, or should I say human nature.

  • HelpThemHeal

    ^Sara^ your comments are ignorant, and make you sound just as sickas the mentally ill people out there killing.what kind of person wishes death upon anyone.granted there is no excuse for some of these people who go out and use these drugs. However, a lot of these people who use these drugs use them as an outlet for horrible things that have happened to them, such as a little girl who was molested for years by her step father the children that suffered at the hands of abusers for years.though I do not condone the use of these drugs I do understand how some innocent people do end up using them. They are not bad people they end up using these drugs to help to ease the pain from their past and end up hooked on a a powerful drug.because, these people never had anyone to go to or so they felt, they end up stuck in this cycle that they believe is the only way to alleviate the pain. so rather than being as sick and twisted as these murderers and abusers we as a community need to reach out and try and help them and show them that there are ways other then the drugs! keep in mind that a lot of these people dying are young and people’s children mothers, brothers, sisters, and children. so next time you see one walking down the street why not try to help rather then lose all your humanity and wish death an ill up on them. and for the record no I am NOT a bible Thumper nor hypocrite, just a human being with a heart. keep in mind what if it was your mother brother sister cousin daughter or son. Would you still wish death upon them, yet you can say it would never be you but if something absolutely sinister happened to you and mentally you couldn’t handle it and tried certain drugs to alleviate the pain and became hooked would you deserve to die! or would you hope that someone would step in and try and get you help and the therapy you need to get off these drugs and show you there’s other ways. in closing I invite anyone with drug problems of any type to contact me and I will help you find the help you need an offer my ear to help better your life, as I do not just talk a good one. I have four years helped those with addiction and realize of these people just need a helping hand, though it is true that some don’t want to be helped, the majority do! so once again I say shame on those who wish death upon others. and for those maybe they should consider some therapy because it is not normal to wish mass murder on any group of people, and whether you realize it or not that is what you’re doing and I will pray for you all!

    • Sundown

      You are right of course, to a point. The buck stops when someone is out to harm me, my family, and take my stuff. I was a former drug user, no not heroin. Clean for 27 years. No I didn’t kill or steal, but caused my loved ones a lot of grief. I regret this. I try to help others in the same situation. We have been the victims in such a situation wherein helping people put us in danger. Never again. We did help them, they didn’t want it. They couldn’t do it. A line has to be drawn somewhere. They need to implement facilities where they can’t get out in 5 minutes, rehab them, recondition them, train them for something, release them, hope for the best. A person has to WANT to change. But at least we have to give them some kind of chance, but not at law-abiding and innocent citizens expense.

  • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

    The strange thing about this, is the fact that fentanyl is FAR more expensive than heroin. I don’t believe that a drug dealer would cut the heroin with it in order to “stretch” the supply. Not to mention, I don’t think a drug dealer can just go get fentanyl. I suspect an operation by a much larger entity, like a government. It would seem to me, something far more sinister is going on, like someone did it on purpose to cause deaths. This stuff is showing up all over the country, it’s not just in the Poconos. There is another story in the news right now, saying that this “batch” is a nationwide problem. GO ON GOOGLE, AND LOOK UP THE NAME TOSH PLUMMLEE. He is a pilot who flew clandestine flights, for the C I A. Inform yourselves.

    • Rich Snyder

      You said it brother! What do you think we are doing in Afghanistan growing opium, protecting the poppy fields, then shipping it back here. Google Afghanistan opium production. Before the USA got there they only produced 2% of the worlds opium, after the US gets there the production went up to 90%. THE HEROIN IS COMING FROM THE US GOV’T GET EDUCATED PEOPLE!!

      • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

        People may say, “That’s ridiculous, why would they do that? Go get your tin foil hat.”. Well…stop for a moment, and think about how many tax dollars they get allocated to fight drugs and incarcerate people. If there were no more drugs, they would lose all of that tax money to another cause. The drugs also keep thousands of people employed in the law enforcement, medical and prison industry, as well as many other ancillary jobs that depend on those industries. If the drugs dried up, all of those people would lose their jobs. So there is your simplest answer. That’s why they would do it. They would do it to keep several industries from collapsing. There are many other possible reasons, but that is the easiest to understand.

      • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

        So people can sit here all day, and curse the “dirty druggies”(who have an illness, by the way), when there are other parties who play a much larger role in the problem. You choose not to believe it, because it’s a very uncomfortable,and unbelievable thing to hear about. It’s much easier to just blame the low lifes, and keep fighting in circles with them, in an unwinnable war. Those people are just pawns in the big picture. They are being created, and used by a shadow agency, to rob billions of dollars from the taxpayers. AND THAT IS A FACT.

    • Sundown

      Yah, my husband and I were just talking about this yesterday, and thanks for the info, will look into it. I suspected a darker hand in this the minute I heard about it. Seems all to obvious doesn’t it. And I am not big on conspiracy theories as my husband is and two of my sons are, however, this was like plain as the nose on my face, and I have a big nose! lol! It is sad. I guess it’s cheaper to rid society of addicts rather than help them clean up. Back in the day I speak of, there was a lot of help, a lot of assistance. I don’t know how much is available in NYC anymore, I know when we tried to get family members helped, it wasn’t easy. They lived with us too, and another lived with his father, one is doing well, one is not at all, and one we are unsure of. We couldn’t have them in the house anymore for obvious reasons.

      • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

        Thank you, Sundown, for being wise enough to consider the possibilities. Most people will not. There is usually much more to any story than most folks want to consider.

  • Sundown

    it feels here like the 70’s back in nyc..heroin was huge then, but I am assuming expensive..don’t remember, I was born in 1960…in Junior high school, or middle school we were shown a film about a 13 yr old boy addicted to heroin..he died. it was no secret all the prostitutes in times square were addicted to the stuff. we knew that Morrison,and Hendrix died from the stuff…we grew up knowing it was a death sentence. somehow over the years it became “cool” or glamorized? and now all of a suddent all these young adults are doing it?! how did this happen?

    • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

      Sundown, the C I A flies it into the country on military transports. That’s how it happened. Look up Frank Lucas, or the movie, American Gangster. It’s a true story, which gave somebody a big idea. By the way, Poppy production has skyrocketed since we’ve been in Afghanistan. That is why we’re still there…to protect the drug trade.

  • mdog

    The beat goes on…wisdom comes with age
    for them it never comes because they don’t get old.
    My Mom was robbed twice my friend was just robbed.
    Once you choose to live that life your dirt.
    I HAVE NO COMPASSION for dirty thief drug user.

  • Kenneth Bickel

    I left my daughter and her man live with us he don’t work they were homeless swell needless to say I lost about 12 grand he stole 5 handguns our savings tools pretty much anything he could sell insurance replaced my tools he stole them again so im without hat took a lifetime to build up never again my daughters staying here he’s not welcome here people say I’m wrong for not allowing him here I don’t care he robbed me several time admitted to it thinks it’s funny

  • hambone

    the ridiculous thing about it is addicts. hear that people die from it and they go looking for that.brand thinking it must be good when in reality its just a different drug that combined with herion has a lethal effect …the actual heroin is probably poor quality that’s why they cut it with this powerful narcotic ..so if your an addict don’t be fooled its not good heroin its just a powerful sedative will put you to sleep or kill you

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