Deadly Crash On Snowy Road Near Nicholson

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LATHROP TOWNSHIP -- The roads were snow covered when a deadly crash happened Monday in Susquehanna County, killing one person.

Three vehicles wrecked around 12:30 p.m. about two miles north of Nicholson on Route 11.

We were there as police cleared the scene.  Most of the damage was to a car and a trash truck.

State police say the driver of the car was killed. No one else was seriously hurt.

Authorities identified the victim as Glen Aldrich, 73, of Hallstead.

They haven't said yet exactly what happened in the crash, but other drivers on Route 11 at the time say conditions were bad.

“The road was very, very ice, snow covered, very treacherous.  It was bad,” said Bill Campbell of Dalton.

Route 11 was closed for several hours.

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  • chuck bray

    I travle route 11 every day in that area and its always the worst road I encounter. Even when all the other roads are bare, route 11 is crappy!

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