Another Day of Digging Out In Berwick

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BERWICK -- After getting a break for a few days some people had to grab their shovels and crank up the snow throwers once again across northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

The roads in many places are clearing after some slick conditions earlier in the day.

In Columbia County, people found themselves digging out of yet another snowy day.

Some residents in Berwick say this constant shoveling of snow is getting to be a bit much.

“I personally can't remember how many times from December 1, how many times it’s snowed. I know January was really cold and whatnot but I'm tired of it. I'm done,” said Craig Pickard of Berwick.

Pickard might not want to throw in the towel too soon because the world's most famous groundhog says winter isn't going anywhere, at least anytime soon.

“I don't know if I believe in groundhogs too much, but he hit it,” Pickard said.

“I'm not that happy about it. I'd rather spring come soon,” said Sasha Hamilton of Berwick.

The streets of Berwick were still pretty slushy and slick and a lot of them were still covered with snow. And with snow still on the streets a lot of people still want to stay home.

“It's a lot safer to just stay home than it is to try and drive in this,” said Kaylee Kreischer.

Staying at home was on the agenda for Raylee and Kadence Lemons. These two twins didn't mind the snow one bit. They had some fun on their makeshift sled or as they referred to it, the slide.

For Kreischer and her brother Ricky, the days of playing outside have come to an end instead they spent their time cleaning off the sidewalk at their parents. Ricky, who was in charge of the power shovel, wasn't happy thinking about more snow that could come later this week.

“Yeah, yeah I heard. It’s just unbearable, so much snow I can barely get back and forth to work. It's just horrible."