A Snowy Stroudsburg Morning

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STROUDSBURG -- The southern and eastern parts of our area are receiving the most snow and that includes downtown Stroudsburg.

People woke up to streets - including Main Street - snow covered and slippery in Stroudsburg Monday morning.

More than two inches of snow was on the ground by the time Nancy Yohe made it to work at a downtown law office.

“Cold, snowy, too long,” Yohe said.
“What went through your mind when you looked out of your window this morning?”
“Not again,” she replied.

Yohe was lucky.  She lives close enough to walk to the office.

While some people are like Nancy, seeing the snow as depressing and another sign of a very long winter, some see this as a boon to business, but it depends on what business you're in.

Snow shoveling and scraping were the order of the day.

Sean Edwards is having a good season.  He shovels snow for a living.

“It keeps me busy in the winter time, keeps me off unemployment, got to pay the bills.”

And when his work is through, there is even more snow for Edwards.  He says he intends to go snowboarding.

Before he could open the doors of Dunkleberger's sports shop, on Main Street in Stroudsburg, Tim Strunk cleared his sidewalk.

Snow and cold equal money.

“It makes boot sales and clothing sales really good, hats been good, hand warmers, everything,” Strunk said.

Strunk said business was good despite the snow because outdoor people have no problem being outdoors, even in the snow.