Water Main Break Slows Down Super Bowl Business

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SCRANTON -- The water is flowing again at many businesses in the Scranton area, marking the end of a rough couple of days for some owners.

"The water's back on, everything is nice and clear, but we're still taking precaution. We're boiling water on the stove in the back and we have the sanitizer and the gloves. We're going to do the best we can," said Brian Ravaoili, owner of the Penalty Box.

The water main break on River Street caused some shops to take a hit when it comes to Super Bowl business.

"It's affected the food part of the business. It hasn't really affected the bar itself because we're able to serve with plastic. We're able to do bottle beer and draft beer in plastic, but no food," said Ravaoili.

The owner of Joyce's Café, Tom Barrett, on Birney Avenue is glad the worst is over.

"Thursday night was rough, but then we were ok Friday and Saturday night. Of course, the water came on last night and it made it much better for the restrooms," said Barrett.

Business owners said water struggles did have a way of bringing out the best in people.

"I'd like to thank the guys who manned the trucks at the water tanks, they were excellent people," said Barrett.

"It was very beautiful. I saw my two neighbors helping each other, so one negative enters a positive," said Marlow Diana, owner of Diana's Pizza.

With the water woes behind them, these owners are ready to relax.

"Now, I guess everything is coming to a plus so maybe we can sit down and watch the super bowl tonight."

Pennsylvania American Water said the boil water advisory is still in effect.

Tankers are also still available, including the one on Stafford Avenue which will be open 24/7 until the advisory is lifted.