Super Bowl Party in Clarks Summit Features a Different Game

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CLARKS SUMMIT -- A gathering in Clarks Summit isn't your average Super bowl party.

Kids of all ages from the Heritage Baptist Church are part of the fan zone.

It's a Super Bowl party with plenty of games, food and of course, fun!

"This is a really positive environment. There's a lot of parties going on right now that have a lot of inappropriate things. You know, beer, alcohol and other stuff going on. Obviously, right here is a clean environment, so I think it's cool to bring friends to a good environment," said David Wiman of Factoryville.

More than 100 people showed up for the party. Some sat back to watch the game, while others took part in their own fun.

"Every year I come and it's a blast every single year. So this is my last year before I graduate, so I really just wanted to come and spend time with great people and great food," Jennie Page of Clarks Summit.

The Super Bowl may be the big game, but there's a game that's actually a little bigger in Clarks Summit. It's called gaga ball and everyone here is playing it!

"Gaga ball is one of my favorite things," said Wiman.

"I like to watch. I'm more into watching than actually playing. But it's fun. It's all good," said Jack Tidbal of Tunkhannock.

The spectators were split between Broncos and Seahawks fans, but in the end, Seattle fans walked away happy.