Scranton Water Woes Coming to an End

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SCRANTON -- On the south side of Scranton, a sight for sore eyes, water flowing out of Jim Casella's tap.

The former pipe fitter lives just steps from the water main break on River Street and has had a front row seat to all the action.

"These gentlemen have been working all night, we lost a little sleep when they were jack hammering, but we are doing a lot better now," said Casella.

He watched as crews installed a repair clamp in the early morning hours.

Later in the day, workers could be seen turning on valves.

At the water distribution site on Stafford Avenue there were also signs of hope.

"The water is running at my house right now but it is brown. It's very dirty, but they do have the water running," said Neil Malatesta of Scranton.

But while some residents were seeing their water woes coming to an end, others were still waiting like the folks filling up at the tankers on Pittston Avenue.

"This is my second time, yesterday I did it early in the morning, today I loaded up and we were pleasantly surprised they were giving out bottled water and jug water," said Joe Ross of Scranton.

For the owners of the Penalty Box on Birney Avenue the timing couldn't be worse. Restaurants in Scranton that don't have water are prohibited from making food which means all those orders for Superbowl Sunday wings were on hold.

"We do a tons of wings, so at this point we are waiting like everyone else," said Penalty Box Owner, Brian Ravaioli.

When the water is restored it can be discolored, water officials suggest turning on a cold water faucet, at the tap that is the farthest from where the water enters the house, usually a top floor bathroom.

A spokesperson for Pennsylvania American Water says that the company hopes to have water restored to everyone who lost it by Sunday morning, but customers should expect the advisory to boil to continue for several days.


  • luvshorses

    Yep, everyone just make it so that you are the poor me in this situation… there are third world people that live without water all the time. And no one said you had to buy containers for the water.. ask folks you know to save milk containers (you know, the plastic type). While there is empathy for those that are in economic straits, how is this so cost negative to you? And it was not for a week, only for a day and a half.. and they PROVIDED the water to you. Do you know how many MILES of pipe is underground? Does everyone in this world constantly monitor every square inch of their business and homes? And as I know, because I lived without water, heat, electricity for 9 days, there is a shower available at the Pittston Truck Stop… you can always go there to shower.. I did and then went to work everyday. This is not a major disaster. OMG.

  • luvshorses

    Growup.. you are most entitled to your beliefs. But this CATASTROPHE (sarcasm injected on purpose) has taken three (count em) stories of this website, yet those that have meth labs or shoot outs or toss away their children in dumpsters, rape them, abuse them, drug lords drive bys, get only one paragraph and there is no one saying.. How are we gonna live, why the delay, why the time needed to get this fixed… why the consequences… Come on…

  • luvshorses

    Third darn story on this… my God, what would you do if there was a major catastrophe????
    Sweet Lord, this is NOT a life or death situation… can we stop the whining and start thanking the men on the crews that gave up time with their families. This is an act of God.. as all things are when crap hits the fan. Can’t there be some consideration for others and not only the me game? The company provided water buffalos… try being in a place where there are no other forms of water for you.. and stop the whining about what to put it in. Many of us have lived without water for days.. and with the no water, no heat, and no electricity … and did not complain because it was no one’s fault but nature and nature is an Act of God…
    And yes, the water will be brown because they had to replace pipes that were in the ground… and what is the ground material.. dirt.. so that gets into the pipes.. OMG!!!!!
    Can we get more dramatic??????

    • PP McGee

      So many of our fellow citizens are so apathetic to what is going on in this nation. When the smallest “glitch” occurs, they immediately panic, and start looking for assistance in any direction; usually from our bloated, inefficient government. Which, by the way, would not be so bloated and inefficient had everyone not been so apathetic in the first place. Turn off the TV for 10 minutes, and prepare your families for an emergency. If some of you folks would pay more attention to our government, than you do to the football game, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Also, stop believing everything you see on TV. Try doing a bit of research on your own, or even better, read some history. You’d be surprised how often “situations” repeat themselves. You may now return to your football, reality shows, or perhaps some partisan demagoguery. AND A GOOD DAY TO YOU! ;-)

      • Joey

        Although i understand what you are saying,due to natural disasters and the never ending shootings in our schools, malls, and evenhospitals, this is more than a glitch to many.Either you have water our you have money. I recently lost my job,as is another”glitch”in our area and they nation.I’ve never dealt with such an extended period without water.And due to my lack of money coming in right now, as well as my need to save money to pay my bills, I don’t have extra to spend to go out and buy massive amounts of large buckets. I also can’t afford to make 15 trips to the water stations!

      • Joey

        And you’re bipartisan comment is wrong. This has nothing too do with that. Speaking of glitches, do you happen to know when that super sized pipethat’s affecting so many was installed? How old is it? Were there any repairs over the year? Was any thought given to consider the deep freezes we’ve had? Don’t know those answers, right? And fyi, I’m republican.

      • PP McGee

        Hi Joey. I feel for you, in the situation you are in. I too, have lost jobs before, due to the economy. The partisan comment was not referring to this situation. I was talking about people being glued to their TVs, rather than making small preparations for an emergency. I hope you are able to find a job soon. I know it’s rough out there.

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