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Scranton Water Woes Coming to an End

SCRANTON — On the south side of Scranton, a sight for sore eyes, water flowing out of Jim Casella’s tap.

The former pipe fitter lives just steps from the water main break on River Street and has had a front row seat to all the action.

“These gentlemen have been working all night, we lost a little sleep when they were jack hammering, but we are doing a lot better now,” said Casella.

He watched as crews installed a repair clamp in the early morning hours.

Later in the day, workers could be seen turning on valves.

At the water distribution site on Stafford Avenue there were also signs of hope.

“The water is running at my house right now but it is brown. It’s very dirty, but they do have the water running,” said Neil Malatesta of Scranton.

But while some residents were seeing their water woes coming to an end, others were still waiting like the folks filling up at the tankers on Pittston Avenue.

“This is my second time, yesterday I did it early in the morning, today I loaded up and we were pleasantly surprised they were giving out bottled water and jug water,” said Joe Ross of Scranton.

For the owners of the Penalty Box on Birney Avenue the timing couldn’t be worse. Restaurants in Scranton that don’t have water are prohibited from making food which means all those orders for Superbowl Sunday wings were on hold.

“We do a tons of wings, so at this point we are waiting like everyone else,” said Penalty Box Owner, Brian Ravaioli.

When the water is restored it can be discolored, water officials suggest turning on a cold water faucet, at the tap that is the farthest from where the water enters the house, usually a top floor bathroom.

A spokesperson for Pennsylvania American Water says that the company hopes to have water restored to everyone who lost it by Sunday morning, but customers should expect the advisory to boil to continue for several days.


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