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Scranton Restaurant Serving More Customers after Water Main Break


While many businesses in Scranton had to close because of the water main break on River Street, one restaurant says business in booming.

Yankee lunch on Pittston Avenue is one of the lucky businesses that never lost water this week.

One waitress said they are probably one of the rare restaurants that might actually benefit from the water main break.

The employees at Yankee Lunch said they’ve been open for two years, but many customers don’t realize they sell more than lunch.

However, since the water main break on Wednesday, workers said more people have been stopping in.

Brianna, a waitress, said she was surprised when she came into work Thursday and saw the water flowing. They never eve saw a drop in water pressure.

“It seems to be that we’re doing better. I’m actually a little bit thankful for it. I feel bad for anyone who has to deal with it, I can’t imagine how hard it is on anyone, but we still try to do what we gotta do,” said the waitress.

The restaurant hopes customers will keep coming back when the water comes back on.

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