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Pet Slideshow: February 2014

Posted on: 12:07 pm, February 1, 2014, by , updated on: 12:07pm, February 5, 2014

Check out these great pet pics!

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  • Rufus is sick of the snow!!Owned by susan coulthard

  • Hail on Valentine's Day

  • All dressed up!

  • Ginger Leroux Sugar Cookie Pepper

  • Gracie with a smile waiting for a treat

  • Jasper from Jeanesville Pa. Loves the snow!!

  • And who wouldn't love Lucy? Three year old Boxer Bull with a heart of gold.

  • Rocky a 4 Month old Lab's first winter. Minersville Schuylkill County.

  • 3 year old Boxer/Bull, loves people, running and sleeping

  • Darby is an Aussie/Border Collie mix just celebrated her 2nd birthday. She loves playing soccer no matter what the weather is. Feb 14th Snowstorm.

  • Our snow puppy enjoying it while he can!

  • Beautiful Hope in Jefferson Township. RIP

  • Sandra Ann in Jefferson Township looking out the window


  • This German Sheperd loves winters!

  • Gus and Sasha (Boxer rescues) enjoying the snow

  • Rommel rescued from California loves NE Pa. Snow

  • Greta guarding the cookies in the oven...

  • Citori the 4 month old Border Collie loving the snow in Clinton County!

  • 2 yr old Jack, an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix digging for buried treasure. (He found a bone under there)

  • Lillie got a face full of snow while playing outside the other day! Erika Amacio, Scott Township, PA

  • she loves the snow.

  • Ling Ling loves playing in the snow at her home in Olyphant!

  • Kip

  • Kip and Tulip

  • Gracie loves the snow. This year we have had plenty.

  • Like the snowy Swiss Mountains where they hail from, our 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs may be the only ones comfortable in all of this snow.

  • Jack in a white out (snow)

  • My Shetland, Little Bit.

  • My dog Emma's first winter snowstorm.

  • Lilah is an English Setter that loves the snow!

  • Scooter from Beaver Meadows loves the snow!

  • Maddie enjoying the January snow in Herrickville PA

  • Frankie was bored and decided to take a nap.

  • Simba in the snow ne pa

  • Our Golden, Kala, loves being in the snow.

  • sienna belle cornwall from wyalusing relaxing inside while it snows outside

  • Valentines Day Snow Storm

  • Isabella loves the snow

  • At one point, they were the same size. Still doesn't stop them from playing!

  • Our Lilly, a mix breed, loves the snow because of her thick coat.

  • OMG - more snow !! Lots of it in Clifford Twp. near Elk Mountain

  • Chester is not sure he wants to venture out in Clifford Twp near Elk Mountain

  • Albus, the German Shepard mix, burried his nose into the snow only to find out he doesn't know what this white stuff is. The look on his face says, "I don't like it - too cold, but I'll play in it anyway."


  • Great Pyrenees

  • This is how Toby takes a nap!!!

  • Golden pup- 9 Weeks

  • Yes, They did know he was there :-)

  • Singing Valentine

  • Stella, a 5 month old rescued hound mix romps in the snow in her new home!!

  • Bruce, our one year old chocolate lab, out enjoying the snow. Submitted by Nicole Blank from Williamsport

  • He loves to climb trees!

  • Mitten playing with Spartan's ball/ Hughesville

  • Spartan in one of the many snow storms/ Hughesville

  • Willow may be only 7 months old, but she is smart enough to wear her Rockstar coat before going in the snow

  • Blue wants a treat

  • Champ and his teddy bear sleeping

  • Berti playing in the snow

  • Lenny's winter coat

  • This is The Grizz, our 10 month old Newfoundland. He loves the snow!

  • 10 month old Baylor is a Yorkie from Clarks Summit, PA. He looks more like a snowball when he comes in from the snow.

  • Snowball really lives up to his name. He is a 10 year old Bichon from Clarks Summit.

  • Bentley is a Five year old Yorkie that loves to catch snow flakes on his tongue.

  • Bella enjoying a snow day

  • Rocky from Montoursville loves snow days because his mom who is a teacher gets to stay home with him! ENJOY the snow!

  • My Greater Swiss/ Saint Bernard mix puppy, Rama. He is four months old and is chasing after his much older, tiny pomeranian "brother". The snow was flying everywhere.

  • Peaches......would rather stay in and take a nap on a snow day!

  • Trying to shovel snow with Bodhi "helping" is quite the challenge!

  • Our dog Blue, a former NEPA resident, riding out the storm at our apartment in Phenix City, AL.

  • My love my life, my baby girl sweet Lola!

  • Jax is a 2 year old pit bull lab mix and he LOVES the snow!

  • She thinks all the baby kittens are hers..

  • Our kitten Beeboo such a cuddlebug

  • Jak doing what he loves best sleeping on the beanbag

  • Beeboo luvs you tube

  • Our kitten Beeboo sleepytime

  • Bailey, 5 yr old Boxer playing in the snow in Frackville

  • Ruger, 2 yr old German Shepherd from Frackville

  • Mya wore her Halloween costume on one of her trips to Cornell Animal hospital. She was a hit of course.

  • Deer eating Fritos in Pike County

  • Babie, Alaskan Malamute. Just one of her "Head Rests" LOL

  • Felix don't care if it's Winter! He's still in the GAME!

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