Trying To Help Those Without Water

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SCRANTON -- People living in the shut off sections of Scranton say not knowing how long they'll go without water is frustrating.

Many people lined up at water tankers, stocking up with as much water as they could carry. There were lines and lots of jugs and plastic containers.

Eileen Murphy of Scranton lives on River Street where the heart of Scranton's water problem lies.

“It’s so aggravating, but I can’t change it, I can’t go down there and stick some gum on the pipe and fix it.”

She's loading up four big jugs for now at the Engine 2 Hose Company.   She says it will take care of the essentials.

“No showers today, unfortunately.  My main concern is being able to flush the toilet, make sure the dogs are taken care of and that my parents have the help that they need."

Mario Tomarelli lives a little farther away on Prospect Avenue but is still without water. His jug is only half full. It's all he can handle.

“I can’t carry it, because I got a knee replacement and I can’t lift it.”

A Pennsylvania Ambulance crew was out in Moosic delivering to an 87-year-old woman who doesn't drive and struggles to get around.

“We’d be more than happy to you out with whatever you need, alright?”

Rita Sadoski now has three jugs of water on hand, much needed while the water is off.

“When it’s gone, you better believe it, the toilets, you know you can’t flush.”

She says with family out of town, and having trouble getting around she's so thankful for the help.

"Oh, appreciate it. I do, I do."

Others groups are helping seniors out, too. The Dutch Hollow Neighborhood Organization is collecting water and distributing it to elderly. Anyone who needs help can call Bob Sheridan at his business,  D and S Auto Sales in Scranton.

“Our senior citizens can’t. They’re there with walkers and they can hardly walk themselves.  Especially with the ice out there tonight, today that we have, that’s going to be dangerous for them,” Sheridan said.

If you are at home without water and need help, there are lots of organizations willing to help by bringing water, or that will provide transportation to a shelter.

Pennsylvania Ambulance is just one of those groups. You can call them at 570-558-1212. You can also call the Scranton Fire Department at 570-963-1216.

Locations for Pennsylvania American Water tankers are posted here.


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      Brenda, that’s a great suggestion. I’d checked the water company’s website man times to count since the threat of this water shutoff began. I’ve also watched the news since then. On the 30th, a spokeswoman from the water company suggested filling the tub so we could flush our toilets. Sadly, this was aired hours after the water had been turned OFF. Thank you for your advice!

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