Thrift Shop Hit By Robbers

PLYMOUTH — Police in Luzerne County want your help to find two people who held up a thrift shop.

Officials say the robbery happened around 8:30 a.m. Friday at the Thrift Shop at Martz Manor in Plymouth.

Police say two masked men went into the store, pulled a gun on the clerk and demanded money.

Authorities say the thieves got away with a few hundred dollars in that hold up in Luzerne County.

Police released security photos from the store.


  • Tom woods

    A thrift store??? A couple Hundred dollars at 8:30 in the morning? WOW…forget about robbing banks. Seriously. Story should have said undisclosed amount of money. Too many copy cats could use a couple hundred for drugs.

    • Ted

      Could be that bank robberies are investigated by the FBI and the
      crooks don’t want that kind of heat.
      Even if the payoff is a lot higher.
      A local thrift store robbery will only draw local cops.
      By the time they get done with their donuts the crooks are long gone.

    • Sundown

      “its a shame that these upstanding citizens must result to this type of behavior?” you mean it’s too bad that upstanding citizens have to be subject to losers like this? a thrift shop? really? how low can you go? it’s low in first place to rob and steal! what a way to start the day! that’s all we hear about anymore is robbery, shooting, drugs, it’s a full blown nightmare!

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