Scranton City Officials To Businesses: No Water, No Making Food

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SCRANTON-- Even after the water main break in Scranton, Diana`s Pizzeria on Pittston Avenue was open for business.

"You got to stay open for the people. My parents opened this business back in `64 and it`s all about the people," said Marlo Diana.

'You have to make sure they have enough water stocked up, enough clean water. I have bottled water back there for customers when they come in for drinking,"said his wife, Lana Belcastro.

Matarazzaro`s Pizza and Subs on Birney Avenue was open, too.

Workers were gearing up for a super busy Super Bowl weekend. They already have pre-orders for pizza, wings and other food.

"If we can`t get out product to our customers, they`re not going to believe in us,that we`re not capable of handling whatever comes into our area. You know with this water main break, we want to be able to show them we can still feed them," said Jeff Rosario.

Then late Friday afternoon came news from Scranton city officials: all businesses without running water must immediately stop food service.

It was tough to hear, especially with the upcoming Super Bowl rush.

Diskin's Saloon is already decorated for the big game.

The owner said she will have to freeze about 1500 chicken wings she bought to make for customers.

"If the water is back up and running, and clean then we`ll be ready to go, but it`s a waiting game," said Jessica Statsman.

There is no word on exactly when the water will restored.

Water tank locations are posted here.

Pennsylvania American Water website


  • Joey

    To those who’ve complained about all stories on the news about this water problem, you’re entitled to your opinion. But WNEP was doing their job… They were giving updates on the situation, let viewers know where they could get water, and reported on how this affected schools and businesses. This situation may seem “trivial” to some but it affected 8,000 people. Personally, I’d rather watch and learn about those stories instead of hearing about a priest who molested a boy or what Hugo Selenski is accused of thus time. But if I want to watch the news, I must sit through some stories I may not enjoy because whether its a teacher facing sex charges or a water main break, it’s NEWS.

  • Sean Kulesa

    God you people wouldnt make it through a natural disaster. a meager few days of buisness closed.. you close your business ,.you have no wasted over head as you would if you stayed open at half capabilities.. Water mains break ,.we live where the temperature fluctuates . If your business is broken by a scant few days of disruption,…it was on its way out anyway.

  • luvshorses

    Seriously, how many stories will be done on the lack of water for a short time when there is a major break in a line? And to the man who said to sue.. that is what our nation is becoming sue happy people who want to make big bucks by suing. Do you understand that the companies are not the ones that pay for the suits.. the insurances are the ones that do. and guess what, when they have to pay out big dollars over something so trivial (and I count anything like this trivial, because there is no loss of life or change in lifestyle that would bring the manner of living to a point of loss, perhaps we should try and sue the people that gave birth to us if we have life altering diseases, or God?) the cost is made up in raised premiums and the company then has to raise its costs to the consumers? Understand basic supply and demand and profit and loss here… then the people, those that are working and pay taxes all their lives are the ones that are given that burden so that others can sit back and laugh. Really? How did we get to be so low on the chain?

  • Merrill

    I don’t understand why they can’t use bottle water to make food, it’s 100x safer than the city’s water!

    • Sean Kulesa

      It is a mis-notion that bottled water is better than the water we do get here. This area has some of the the best water in the nation. And bottles water doesnt compare.

  • nick

    every year at the courthouse they serve food there is no running water in there I don’t see the difference it’s just the city getting in the way of people earning a living

  • emma

    City health inspector not out. Instead makes phone calls. Way to do your job or not we should say and protect the city.

    • harsh times

      Yes but come on .if they waste taxpayer dollars chasing down these places it is an INJUSTICE …they can turn a blind eye like they do for so many of the other cronies of this and previous administrations!

  • harsh times

    ToTally digusted a business that hasbenn here for forty years u are gonna tell u cant serve food !!no wonder no one will invest or open establishments in scranton!!

  • Ken Morcom

    Buy a cheep water tank and cheep pump to supply water hook in a temp water line to your mane line heated water hose ! !
    it is a fix to keep you up and running !
    call parish in montrose pa he will have you up and running in the matter of Hour’s

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