Mayor: Officer Assaulted, Shoots Suspect

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GIRARDVILLE -- Charges were filed Friday against a man accused of forcing a police officer to fire his gun at him.

The incident happened Friday morning in Girardville. Investigators say the suspect admitted that he was meth at the time.

Police say the girlfriend of Carmen Almonti, 31, of Girardville thought he was going to kill her. Investigators said Almonti went berserk and threw her to the floor. She took her young children to the Girardville police station.

Officer Mel Tomeo responded and the situation escalated, according to Mayor Ed Burns.

"He attacked my officer for no reason and it's really scary."carmen almonti mug

Court papers state Almonti and Officer Tomeo fought Officer Tomeo used his stun gun on the suspect several times with no effect. Almonti admitted later that he was using meth.  Mayor Burns is not surprised.

“The man kept coming at him, that he's going to kill him, he's going to kill him, he was tazered, he was shot twice with the tazer and it didn't do anything to him that`s when he had to draw his revolver and he didn't shoot to kill either," Burns explained.

The mayor says even after being shot, Almonti continued his attack on Officer Tomeo.   Both were taken to hospitals. Almonti underwent surgery. Officer Tomeo was treated and released.

Neighbors are shaken. One woman asked us to not use her name.

"(I) could hear the screaming of the officer after the shots telling him to get down the guy was just combative."

Neighbor Elaine Kelly said times have changed.

"We have a German shepherd dog and we have motion detector lights and considering a whole protection for inside the home, you have to be worried about who your neighbors are anymore."

State police are investigating. They will turn the results of that investigation over to the district attorney. She'll decide if Officer Tameo's actions were justified.


  • livin in the skook

    I went to school with Carmen he was always a trouble maker and drugs make you do dumb things. Bath salts and drugs are ruining lives here in the skook time to turn everyone in for the salts …enough is enough

  • John Smith

    speaking of police shootings, I wonder why newswatch 16 never pushed for real answers when officers from the Scranton Police Dept shot the woman in her north Scranton home a couple of years back. That story diapered very quickly.

  • Wendy Harhigh

    Congratulations to the Officer for doing his job right , and not being afraid of the assailant. He deserves a raise.And now maybe our town has a chance to become a better town now that we have an officer that won’t take no crap from nobody. P.S. Congratulations to Girardville for hiring this Officer , about time!!!!! Thank You !!!

  • Area is getting to be like the wild west

    Guy attacks a women and her children then after being tazered twice he continues to attack the officer and gets shot! I’m with the cop on this one. I would have shot him too under these circumstances! The guy is lucky he didn’t get killed. And if he would have still justified. They’re going to turn it over to the DA???? Sorry, no brainer! Person gets drugged up and goes nuts then gets shot attacking cop. Hope DA doesn’t waste more than a few seconds on this one! Guy is lucky the cop only wounded him.

  • johnny99

    So when a cop gets punched, he has the right to shoot the guy who punched him, 3 times yet, but when the average citizen gets punched and shoots his attacker once, he gets charged with murder. Ok, got it now.

    • Sundown

      you left out the parts where the idiot at 31 yrs old was using meth and threatening a woman and her children, maybe this immature loser should get a clue and he won’t get shot! And law enforcement is sanctioned to protect themselves as well as those who need their protection! not some knuckle-dragging POS on drugs causing problems. And no, we can’t have citizens running around with guns shooting people, altho I am all for it in self-defense. If you’re talking about that ween in Florida, he was out of line, he was looking for trouble.

    • PP McGee

      Oh, don’t be so silly. Don’t you know that the law doesn’t apply to government officials, and other public servants? Sheesh…where do you think you are? America?

      • Sundown

        well maybe next time a woman and her children are threatened by a low-life-knuckle-dragging-loser-methsoaked-psychopath she shoulda just shot him herself and save everyone including herself the trouble! ‘cos that’s what I would’ve done.

    • Jim Brony

      The murder charge only works if you actually kill someone. Try reading the article again – slowly, and move your lips if it helps – then think about your post.

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