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Drug Testing Coming Back to Delaware Valley Schools

WESTFALL TOWNSHIP — Delaware Valley School District in the Poconos plans to once again give random drug tests to students.

It’s a policy the school practiced for a few years then stopped because of a lawsuit. Now, a Pike County judge has ruled the policy is constitutional.  So the district plans to start the drug tests again.

Students we spoke with are for it.

Andrew Neidig is a senior at Delaware Valley High School near Milford. He plays soccer and tennis, which he says has helped him get accepted into college this fall. Something else he says has helped, he says, is not using drugs.

“It’s very good to know you’re a positive person and you’re clean from using certain drugs,” said Neidig.

A few years ago, Neidig was randomly tested for drugs when Delaware Valley School District’s policy was active.

Only student athletes and students who drive to school were randomly tested.

When Neidig was tested he says he was more than willing.

“I just did the drug test because I know I’m a clean athlete,” said Neidig.

Delaware Valley students were randomly drug tested until 2011.That’s when two parents filed a lawsuit against the school claiming that their children’s rights were being violated.

Then the drug testing stopped. That is until January 21 when a judge declared that the drug testing policy is constitutional and it will start back up sometime in the spring.

“It gives kids an excuse so if they’re ever in a bad situation and getting that pressure to use something. They got a great excuse to say ‘I can’t because I can be drug tested at any time,’” said John Bell, the school superintendent.

Neidig is also glad to hear the policy could be coming back.

“I think it’s a good thing to establish at Delaware Valley. It cleans up everything and allows us to have a more positive environment,” said Neidig.

Mike Oswald graduated from Delaware Valley in 2003. He now works at Wihlborg’s Deli in Milford.The drug testing policy was in place when he went to high school and Oswald says it helped create a clean learning environment.

“Why not crack down at the schools, start young. Know what’s going on can’t hurt,” said Oswald.

The Delaware Valley School Board is expected to discuss the drug testing policy at its meeting on February 18. If it gives the OK, random drug tests for athletes and students drivers at Delaware Valley could start as soon as the spring.


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