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UPDATE: Water Main Repaired; Boil Advisory in Effect


SCRANTON — Pennsylvania American Water announced Saturday morning that crews have repaired the broken 36″ water main on River Street in Scranton.

Overnight, crews installed a repair clamp on the transmission line in the area of the leak. The transmission line is now being refilled.

Crews are checking water pressure throughout the system, monitoring the repair site, and flushing to eliminate air in the system.

As service is restored, customers might experience cloudy water or air in their lines.

Customers should run their cold water faucet at the highest point from where the water enters the home to let the air bubbles escape.

PA American Water estimates it could take between 15-24 hours for water service to be fully restored to all 6,500 homes and businesses in the affected areas of South Scranton and Moosic.

As a reminder, all homes and businesses that have been without water will be under a boil water advisory until further notice and should not use the water without boiling it first.

Tankers and bottled water are available at the following locations and will remain until the boil advisory is lifted:

  • Engine 2 Fire House at Gibbons and Pittston Avenues
  • Engine 7 Fire House on Luzerne Street
  • Lackawanna Ambulance – 1000 Remington Avenue, Scranton
  • Greenwood Hose Company – Birney Avenue, Moosic
  • Pennsylvania American Water Distribution Center Garage – 2632 Stafford Avenue, Scranton
  • Hilltop Manor Apartments – South Webster Avenue, Scranton
  • Valley View Apartments – 1701 Stafford Avenue, Scranton
  • Skyview Apartments – 50 Crown Circle, Scranton

For two days now, more than 6,500 in parts of Scranton, Moosic and Taylor have either had no water or very little water.

Here is the very latest from Pennsylvania American Water about the water outage at this hour:

Crews say they have come up with a possible repair but they are figuring out whether it will work.

Officials say it is a tricky repair and they just aren’t yet sure when it will be completed.

In addition, even after a repair is made, Pennsylvania American says it could take anywhere from fifteen to twenty-four hours to fully restore service.

And when service is restored homes and businesses that have been without water will be under a boil water advisory.

Crews continue to work here in the 500 block of River Street after a break in a 36-inch water main essentially turned the road into a river.

Now roughly 6,500 homes and businesses in Lackawanna County are going into another night without water.

“It’s not good, it’s terrible being without water, you know what I mean, I don’t know what else to say,” said Stephanie Schlesser of Scranton.

“We had to fill up our tubs so we can flush the toilets and all that,” said Jamie Dando of Moosic. “Can’t shower, the water pressure is too low.”

Folks were filling up buckets at a water tanker at the Lackawanna Ambulance Headquarters on Remington Avenue.

And workers from the water company were on-hand with information.

The only thing they couldn’t answer is when the water will be back on.

“Been told so many things you don’t know, is it going to be a day? Two days? Three days?” said Richard Edwards of Scranton.

“I was told like Sunday night or Monday it might be turned back on but I’m not quite sure yet,” said Dando.

The good news is crews finally found exactly where the break is, uncovering it in the early morning hour.

Pennsylvania American Water says the break is on the bottom of a connector pipe.

The bad news is it’s not an easy fix.

The water company says crews do have a plan but are not sure if it will work.

Still folks say they know crews are working hard to get the water running again.

“Oh, definitely, they responded pretty fast so at least we have something to help us out. So, we’re just going to grin and bear it, pretty much,” said Jim Terry of Scranton.

Water tank locations are posted here.

Pennsylvania American Water website


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