Two-Year Drug Investigation Ends with Arrests

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WILLIAMSPORT — A two-year drug investigation has led to the arrests of several students attending college in Williamsport.

Authorities said the students were having marijuana from California, Arizona and Oregon sent in the mail to various locations in Lycoming and Montour counties.

Then they would mail cash payments of up to $5,000 to the suppliers.

Police said a total of nine people face charges.  Investigators said during the two-year period, the group shipped over 1,000 pounds of marijuana to the two counties.


  • Stephanie O'Hargan

    Instead of jail time (pot is going to be legal eventually everywhere in the not too distant future anyway) these kids should get real life experience college credits for developing a profitable interstate enterprise. Hey, they discovered a need within their respective communities, then developed and implemented a business plan to meeting that need. I say, “Bravo, boys!”

    • b

      So, when they reduced DUI from .10 to .08, they should go rearrest all those who had .08 and .09? You are most likely one of those stoners who walk around and have no idea where they are going, have to go back and think for a minute, let the brain dead cobwebs clear out. And they want to make this crap legal, boy we are screwed.

      • PP McGee

        What you are saying isn’t even a good analogy. He’s talking about people who have been convicted, not people who weren’t. You appear to be a dullard.

  • floridawasp

    Read about most any bust for marijuana these days and a majority of the public seems to agree. A waste of resources, time, effort, money that could better be used elsewhere on what is a real drug problem in this country.

    • Eff-Dy-Gee

      Yea, that’ll solve the problem…just shoot them already….hey there, why don’t you do the rest of the world a favor and shoot yourself there champ….

  • PP McGee

    2 YEARS? Nice waste of taxpayer money! Oh let’s see…9 people times the $35,000 per year it will cost to incarcerate each of them= $315,000. Not to mention the salaries and overtime taken in the investigation. Good job! You guy are heroes! At least we got those dangerous college students off the street.

    • Mike

      If they aren’t punished, they will just continue to sell drugs when they are well into their 30s and 40s. Their parents did a bad job raising them, so now the state will have to condition them.

      • Sundown

        Agreed, and whether they make it legal or not, I would imagine the driving and do not operate heavy machinery with would still be in order just like ANY drug currently legal that can impair judgment and anyone who says pot doesn’t impair judgment is impaired themselves.

    • b

      It’s job security. Most of these drug detectives have lots of hands on experience before they even entered the police force. Ask around.

  • Mike

    Williamsport, Danville and Bloomsburg are loaded with drugs. Not just the college students, but the locals. Meth and heroin are all over the place.

  • Sweendog

    Stupid waste of taxpayer money and the life’s of young students ruined.Who DIDN’T smoke weed in college?????

    • PP McGee

      To answer your question…Probably some of the officers involved. They drink their milk and say their prayers every night. They also believe every fraudulent “gateway drug” report that’s ever come out.

  • J

    WHAT ABOUT THE HEROIN PROBLEMS IN THIS STATE??? I find myself saddened and angered that tax dollars were spent on busting a group of kids for selling pot. TAX DOLLARS for TWO YEARS!! What about going after the ‘REAL’ problem?? HEROIN!! How many people have died in the past 2 years in heroin-related overdoses?? How many crimes and robberies have been committed by those seeking money for their heroin addiction? Why is the state not going after HEROIN SUPPLIERS?? And MORE TAX $$$ are spent on Methadone clinics for addicts to get the help they need, at the expense to US! I live in a town where crime is at an all-time high due to heroin addicts and crimes being committed in order to get money for their “fix.” Over 7 places in this county have been robbed at gun or knife-point, and some places have been robbed on more than one occasion. So please tell me, WHO “won” here??

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