Power To Save: Rain Barrel Project

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PALMYRA TOWNSHIP -- Students in Pike and Wayne Counties are using their creativity and art skills while learning about conserving water.

This rain barrel collection project is giving back to the environment and the community.

A little skunk behind some brush, a sea full of fish, even a farmhouse and some farm animals are all pieces of art on rain barrels, done by students,  at Wallenpaupack High School in Pike County.

“It was really fun because it was something different. Usually we're working on regular canvasses or flat walls and it's a 3D project, so it was cooler,” said Chyanne Kemp.

It's all part of the Every Drop Counts project.

Thanks to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Pike County Conservation District, several rain barrels were given to area high schools to teach kids about water conservation.

Students then decorated each barrel that will be used as part of an educational display.

Students said they learned a lot from the Every Drop Counts project, things like saving rain water for gardening and washing, and also keeping a water pitcher in the fridge, instead of letting the faucet run.

“It's really a unique thing, and a combination of helping the environment and using art and spreading it through your community.”

“We contaminate water so much every day, but we're not creating any new water so we need to protect what we have left,” said student Danielle Spewak.

Several of the barrels will be auctioned off in April, and the money raised will go back to schools in Pike and Wayne Counties for environmental education programs.

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  • James

    Some Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic would be nice if you could fit it in somewhere. Still doing the class trip to the mall? Might want to teach them how to balance a checkbook first. I suppose when the rain barrel industry moves in they’ll be set. My tax dollars at work.

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