Police: Man Stabbed Four Times During Fight

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STROUDSBURG -- Police in Monroe County said a man was stabbed during a fight outside a grocery store Thursday evening.

Police were called to the Shop Rite along North Third Street in Stroudsburg.

Police arrested Darren Clark, 22, of East Stroudsburg. They said he stabbed another man four times.

Two others were also apprehended.

At last word, the victim was in surgery after the stabbing.



    Where’s the Mug Shots/… Who was the victim?… Why were two other people arrested and why?… Lets get some professional journalism going here….

  • Ronald Jenkins

    It says ‘fight’, if you are engaged in a voluntary fight with someone, you cant pull a gun and shoot them and claim self defense. You will go to prison for the rest of your life. Stop giving horrible advice Ted.

  • Ted

    You need to get a permit and carry a small yet powerfull handgun
    (.357, .41 mag, .45 colt, etc.). You can legally defend yerself accordingly
    if something like this happens.

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