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Police: Dog Tied And Abandoned In The Cold

MCADOO — A pit bull was found emaciated, injured, and tied to a pole for at least two hours in Schuylkill County.

McAdoo police want your help to track down the owner of the abused dog.

We don’t know the pit bull’s name, although McAdoo police are calling him Buddy. We do know he was hungry; he gobbled down treats from a complete stranger.

Police officer Tony DiVirgilio said Buddy is in bad shape.

“It’s obviously been starved so we want to get all the justice we can for this animal and it was left out in the cold as well, it was well below freezing last night it was about 8 degrees”

Investigators said Buddy was found tied to a street sign and abandoned in the cold. But Officer DiVirgilio explained that wasn’t the worst of it.

“Part of the dog was actually frozen to the sidewalk so it took a little to get the dog unfrozen by the sidewalk.”

Police rescued Buddy from the cold after getting calls from concerned neighbors including Jennie Kmec.

“I noticed he was yelping and squealing and wailing like he was in pain so then I looked out my window to see he was OK, and I called the police and they came up and he was tied to the pole that someone definitely left him, and looked very hungry and his paws were in pain he couldn’t step on his paws.”

Collette Miller has been a pet owner for a long time. She is outraged at what happened to Buddy.

“I hope they get a punishment as great as what they did to this poor dog. I have thoughts but I don’t think to say them out loud,” Miller said.

A state dog warden took Buddy to the Hillside SPCA near Pottsville for food, warmth and care from a vet.

McAdoo police ask anyone with information about the dog’s owner to give them a call.


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