Police: Dog Tied And Abandoned In The Cold

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MCADOO -- A pit bull was found emaciated, injured, and tied to a pole for at least two hours in Schuylkill County.

McAdoo police want your help to track down the owner of the abused dog.

We don't know the pit bull's name, although McAdoo police are calling him Buddy. We do know he was hungry; he gobbled down treats from a complete stranger.

Police officer Tony DiVirgilio said Buddy is in bad shape.

"It's obviously been starved so we want to get all the justice we can for this animal and it was left out in the cold as well, it was well below freezing last night it was about 8 degrees"

Investigators said Buddy was found tied to a street sign and abandoned in the cold. But Officer DiVirgilio explained that wasn't the worst of it.

"Part of the dog was actually frozen to the sidewalk so it took a little to get the dog unfrozen by the sidewalk."

Police rescued Buddy from the cold after getting calls from concerned neighbors including Jennie Kmec.

"I noticed he was yelping and squealing and wailing like he was in pain so then I looked out my window to see he was OK, and I called the police and they came up and he was tied to the pole that someone definitely left him, and looked very hungry and his paws were in pain he couldn't step on his paws."

Collette Miller has been a pet owner for a long time. She is outraged at what happened to Buddy.

"I hope they get a punishment as great as what they did to this poor dog. I have thoughts but I don't think to say them out loud," Miller said.

A state dog warden took Buddy to the Hillside SPCA near Pottsville for food, warmth and care from a vet.

McAdoo police ask anyone with information about the dog's owner to give them a call.


  • barbara

    This is defintely a case of animal cruelty. I hope they find the person who did this to him. No animal should be treated like that. If you dont want the dog anymore take him to a shelter. I am outraged about this. I am defintely against animal cruelty.

  • Karyn

    Apparently…some people have never experienced the unconditional love a dog gives you!!!! They do not care if you’re ugly, fat, rich, poor, clean the house or make supper!!! Nothing like coming in your door to an excitied dog because you’re home!! Good luck in finding someone who will love you like your dog does..

  • Amsoilgrrl

    I think if there is such a thing as “pet pantries”,it should be publicized. Not everyone knows about this. I didn’t even know about it until just now. As far as the shelters are concerned, folks are taking their pets there in hopes that their friend will be adopted by a good loving family. Not to be killed. Unfortunate things happen to good people. That’s just the way life is. Vet bills are crazy expensive! Life is crazy expensive. Granted, yes I do know folks who don’t have any higher regard for animals. That is the way they were taught. “They are just an animal” I’ve heard it a thousand times. Not everyone thinks the same.


    Stop wasting our Tax Money on a Stupid Dog case. You have the dog, now feed him some treats and take it home . Don’t give it to the SPCA or Humane Society. They just want money to support their Animal Rights NitWittyness. Close the case now and send the cops out to get the Drugs and Druggies of the streets. What a bunch of Stupidity wasting our police officers Tax Paid time on trying to build a case for abuse against an unwanted dog. Do it for the children and save our Tax money for the children, not mangy mutts.

    But he is a cute little bugger.!

    • Kathryn sfaxi

      Wow, wasting tax dollars on a mangy mutt, really. Obviously u are not a pet owner, and a complete waste of space. How about if someone tied you to a pole and let u freeze and scream out. Your a pathetic piece of crap. God gives it back to ppl who hurt animals they do have feelings.


      Hey Bro, some one took youse mutt that you tied to the sign. Whiles youse was in the Crack house getting youse fix. So stay away from them cops about youse mutt being taken. They is the ones who took it.
      Theys all bent about youse letting the mutt in the cold and is looking to make some one pay some bucks to take care of it.

      • wynn677

        Well, this post explains everything.  You’re a drug addict.  Of course you have no feelings towards animals; you have no feelings toward anybody.


      • yup, you're stupid...

        lolz dahmer didnt start off by tying un wanted dogs to a stop sign…he started off decapitating them and sticking the heads on sticks in his front yard as a boy.. he always disected them and all kinds of weird s××t. Im sure this person isnt the next ‘dahmer’ lmfao. Just a jackass that just doesnt care for/like like animals.

  • Nicole

    Great comment, Charlie! I would resort to begging on the streets if it would mean keeping my pet. Completely heartless and irresponsible to cast aside your elderly cat. Is that how you would treat an aging relative or family member, Clay?

    • Clay

      It’s not like I did it without a lot of thought, Nicole! I had to move out of my own house because I couldn’t afford to carry a house by myself. One income to cover a house with oil heat is next to impossible to do. I cried my eyes out on my way home after that incident and it was something I did nor want to do. I wanted to give him to family members but I couldn’t because of the amount of pets they already had.

      In a perfect world I would have been able to stay at my house and kept my cat but my financial restraints forced me to move and find a cheaper place to live. The bad part was that all the places that were available would not let me bring my cat so I did what I thought at the time was the most humane thing I could do. I miss my cat, I really do but because of this incident, I refuse to own any more animals because I feel guilty for what I did.

  • bcolliemom

    I hope once they find the a**hole that abandoned this dog, they strip him naked and tie him to a pole out in the cold for a few hours. Let him know how it feels!

  • Lauren Swan

    Dana Fuller you would care if you knew what happened to make a burger. Check out factory farming. Trust me, you will care.

  • Roe Wagner

    Oh man, this just breaks my heart… How can people do this!!!!! I hope they find the person or persons that did this. KUDO’S to Macdoo Police department for rescuing him and wanting to bring the culprits to justice… if only more police departments would get involved in helping our 4 legged friends, maybe, just maybe we would start seeing less of this inhumane treatment of animals. We have to stop turning a blind eye to the abuse animals endure and start making more effort in locating owners that abandon their pets and start prosecuting them. Serious examples have to be made, and need to be publicized to put the fear in them!! May God have mercy on their souls, because if I ever met them, I sure won’t. Wishing Buddy a speedy recovery, and hoping that he will find a loving home that will cherish him the way he was meant to be.

  • lisa

    Can someone provide an address or something so that we can send food for Buddie and or if we can donate to help him get the medical attention he needs

  • Heather

    The person who did this should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. In PA that is general too little since as an AG state we view animals across the board as livestock (at least in oiur laws). Main points here are owner needs to be caught and punished and that Hillside will do everything they can to get this pup healthy and adopted to a good home.

  • Dana Fuller

    Slaughter houses, really, Eugene? That’s comparing apples to oranges. This dog was obviously supposed to be someone’s pet. Because most of the time, that’s what dogs are for (unless they’re workers). A slaughterhouse is just that. A place where animals (that were born and raised SPECIFICALLY to become a food source for someone) are SLAUGHTERED. The fact is that this poor dog was FROZEN TO THE SIDEWALK, and someone deserves to be punished. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals, but when I eat a burger, as long as it’s cooked properly, I don’t really care what they did to make it a burger. Are you also one of those people who say that our violent criminals are treated poorly, and think that we should treat them like our children?

    • Jessica

      Dana, who are you to choose which animals we should treat properly? Compassion should be extended to all animals across the board. If you think it’s ok to abuse that cow before it gets to your plate then how can you judge someone who chooses to abuse an dog?

  • Eugene B.

    this is nothing, we should be talking about what happens in slaughter houses but the animal police can’t make any money on that

    • Jessica

      Can’t agree more. I appreciate so much that people are outraged when dogs and cats are abused, and they absolutely should be. What I can’t understand is how no one thinks to extend the same decency to the rest of the animals who inhabit this earth. What’s the difference between a dog and a pig? A cat and a cow? Yet we pet one and abuse another, all because it satisfies our palette. Just because we decided to raise an animal specifically for slaughter doesn’t mean we can treat it any way we choose. Then that would mean just because we raise dogs in horrendous puppy mill conditions to sell dogs, we can treat them any way we like? We are the ultimate hypocrites when it comes to animal abuse. Factory farming is cruelty.

    • Gerald M.

      No, Eugene, this is definitely not ‘nothing’ as you so callously call it. It’s every bit as important as the flagrant abuse in slaughterhouses you allude to.

      • Jessica

        Gerald, I think we are all on the same side here. This is a big deal, but I think Eugene is referencing the sheer number and severity of abuse of factory farm animals

  • Charlie Underwood

    Scumbag owners. If you don’t want the dog or can’t care for it, take it to a shelter. Don’t leave the dog to die. You are a heartless human being, if you can even call yourself that.

    • Clay

      I tried that once, Charlie. I had a cat that for financial reasons I couldn’t provide for it’s needs anymore. I tried to take it to a local shelter and a person there told me that they couldn’t take my cat because he was too old!
      Needless to say after 10 minutes of back and forth about why I couldn’t keep him and why they couldn’t take him, the one worker comes out and says” here, give me the F****** thing, rips him out of my hands, and takes him inside and sends one of her associates outto give me back my carrier!!!! She didn’t even have the guts to face me after what she did!
      To this day I refuse to take any pets to that shelter, and I don’t want anymore pets for fear of having to go through an experience like that again. My buddy, who I had for 10 years and had him since he was a kitten deserved a far better treatment than he got!

      • brandy

        Clay, I had a similar experience
        At hillside..blonde older lady to be exact..then I told her never I d I’ll keepu cat and find him a good home..and she wanted to charge me the adoption fee! They cry they have no funds..it’s because that woman is rude! I feel bad for all them animals there! Also I hope they find the scumbag that did this to that poor dog:/

      • Charlie Underwood

        Clay, did you check to see what help was out there for you to be able to keep your 10 year old cat? There are pet pantries and people who would have helped you financially care for your pet, including many shelters which may have given you food and cat litter, etc. and helped with the veterinary care. I have little sympathy for someone who would surrender an animal, especially an older animal, which is part of your family. You certainly wouldn’t surrender your child to someone because you couldn’t afford to keep him/her. You would seek help. Another point is that you cannot judge all shelters or people who work at them in a general way. It sounds to me that this shelter worker had a meltdown. You might understand that if you saw the number of people who surrender loving animals because they have no more use for them. They have heard the same excuses a million times: we have become allergic, I have a new baby, I can’t afford to keep it, it sheds, etc., etc., etc. When an animal is adopted, it should be for life, not until one grows tired of it. Animals are living beings and have feelings too. You were pissed off because of the way you were treated. Imagine how that cat felt being in a strange place, not knowing what it did, and wanting to be with you. I wonder if you ever checked to see what happened to that animal. I doubt that. You wouldn’t want to know anyway. If it didn’t die of a broken heart, it was probably euthanized, for animals that are surrendered at that age do not fare well in shelters.

      • Nicole

        Great comment, Charlie! I would resort to begging on the streets if it would mean keeping my pet. Completely heartless and irresponsible to cast aside your elderly cat. Is that how you would treat an aging relative or family member, Clay?

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