High Flying Workout

People are talking about a new form of exercise especially after this performance by 'Pink' at Sunday`s Grammy Awards. The 34-year-old singer was spinning upside down!

So can you try this aerial workout?  Newswatch 16`s Ryan Leckey was in Luzerne County with a look.

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  • Kevin

    I saw it on TV, so I absolutely MUST do it! Turn off your TVs you drones. Try reading some history, so you can recognize when it’s repeating itself.

  • Jen

    Jay maybe there are trying to show people that there is still activities to do in the winter and help promote a local business. Excercise shouldn’t be defined by a gender. I’d rather see this than more shootings and accidents on the news. Ryan is not acting like a woman, if you knew anything about culture these acrobats are stronger and more dedicated than most athletes. Get a clue about reality in today’s worlds

  • jay

    I woke up to eat breakfast and watch the news at 5:30 am and what do I see? Ryan Leckey doing an upside down split . Not pretty to those who are normal. This is news? This is the “new normal” ? A man acting like a woman?

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