Former Teacher Facing Sex Charges

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DUNMORE -- A former special education teacher was arrested in Lackawanna County, accused of having inappropriate contact with three students.

Domenique McKillop, 27, was charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, institutional sexual assault, and several other sex charges.

McKillop was brought into the state police barracks in Dunmore Thursday afternoon.

According to court papers, McKillop was a special education teacher at the Vision Quest Standing Timbers Academy near Gouldsboro from October 2012 to September of 2013.

The school offers services to at-risk children.

State police say during her time there McKillop had sexual contact with three of her male students, both on school grounds and in her car near the school. The boys were 14, 15, and 16 years old.

Police say McKillop also shared inappropriate photos with the students.

“Any time a teacher would take advantage of the children in her care, whether they be special needs or not, is obviously egregious,” said Trooper Connie Devens.

McKillop was fired from the school last year for repeatedly violating company policy.


  • Natalie

    This girl is disgusting, violent and desperate for male attention in regular life, I am not one bit surprised to hear of these charges against her. And, for those of you who are bringing up background checks, future offenses and past issues that have not been convictions do not come up on background checks. So, it is of no help here, obviously.

  • jac

    How about these kids are delinquent troubled kids? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Before you judge this person how about you think about how these kids could easily make up these allegations. And too bad this article doesn’t have majority of the facts correct.

  • lucy

    I’m sure they did a background check on her and found nothing cause these are wrong accusations.. let’s not be so quick to judge. And Fred the way you think she looks has nothing to do with this. Let’s take the time to think about her an innocent women might be facing time she doesn’t deserve to do. The truth always surfaces! I’m sending her and her family prayers

  • Sundown

    Wow, I was unaware that teachers aren’t subject to background checks? To be children’s workers, cashiers, foster parents, baby-sitting agencies, etc… you have to pass or undergo a background check. But schoolteacher don’t? two words…cyber-school…I know a lot of parents may not be able to do that, but maybe form co-op groups, pay stay at home moms/dads something if you’re a working parent, subject them to background checks, if they pass maybe you can chip in with other moms to be able to afford some kind of group rate. Start pulling our kids from brick-n-mortars and they’ll change their tune fast..or not. It would take awhile to remain to be seen. Something’s got to give.

  • Fred

    She’s a bartender at a local bar in tobyhanna and not even good looking at all. I can see her trying to take control of kids as its in her personality. She’s disgusting.

  • John Smith

    Wonder how much time she’ll do ? Seems to me that if a male teacher does the same thing he goes to jail for a while. On the other hand if a female teacher does it she generally gets a slap on the wrist and not near the time. Double standards for the same disgusting crime.

    • Sundown

      IKR? In another recent case, the teacher is a young-looker, the boys involved 16 and 17, and all the guys for the most part on that forum are cheering for the boys and miss “hot for teacher” teacher, who isn’t a miss at all, she’s a mrs. and one idiot on that forum even said something like “gee,wish my wife had her sex drive,” but my guess is she doesn’t because his stupidity is a turn off! lol! Nice to hear a voice of reason from the guy side of the fence!

  • Mike

    This is happening every day it seems in NEPA. Psych evaluations should be mandatory for current and new teaching personnel in every school district.

    • Sundown

      That might help, but won’t reveal all, I have seen those fail in epic proportions. That is why we have so many crazies walking around out there, they think a pill is gonna repair a sick soul. Mental illness is a disease of the soul, yes the mind, but needs a lot of psychology more than psychiatry, pills don’t fix that. Unfortunately, psychology doesn’t work for many of these individuals because they have to play a role in their reverse. Truth is, they don’t want to..

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