Feds Request Hearing On Mericle Plea Deal

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WILKES-BARRE — Federal prosecutors claim that a well-known real estate developer caught up in the Luzerne County corruption scandal may have violated a plea agreement and are now asking for a hearing before a federal judge.

Investigators said Robert Mericle knew two former county judges took  money to open a juvenile detention center but never reported it.

Part of the plea agreement meant restitution to families.

The feds want a hearing to see if Mericle has fulfilled obligations in the plea agreement and whether he committed any new crimes.

They said they want a hearing before he is sentenced at the end of next month.


  • concerned citizen

    So this guy pas 3 Million in restitution, earns 20 million off of the bribes. And CONTINUES to run said detention centers thereby making more money, and COINTINUES to be the go to construction company due to their ‘ability to obtain zoning rights.” … … and he gets… wait for it…. 3 months.. ( as per the plea agreement.) .. and Luzern county folk are ok with this???

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