Another Arrest In Monroe County Drive-By Death

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- State police in Monroe County made another arrest for a deadly drive-by shooting.

Troopers say Kaylynn Bunnell of Stroudsburg faces homicide charges for a shooting earlier this month.

It happened at a mobile home park near Stroudsburg earlier this month.

Darcey Kravchenko, 39, was killed in the drive-by.

Kaylynn Bunnell surrendered to state police and was taken to the district magistrate's office in Snydersville for her alleged role in the shooting death of Darcey Kravchenko.

“It's kind of shocking that someone in this neighborhood would be involved in something like that,” said Margaret Foti.

Foti lives across the street from where court papers say Kaylynn Bunnell lives in Stroudsburg.

“Frankly, the neighbors across the street seem very nice.  We wave to the mom; she's very sweet to my son who has autism.”

State police say Bunnell and four other people targeted a home in a drive-by shooting earlier this month.

Troopers say Bunnell was the driver. They say she claimed she had been robbed during a drug deal.

Troopers say she then reached out to some friends and went to the mobile home on Old Timber Road to get her money back.  When Bunnell didn't get her money, she got back into her car.

Bunnell explained to the state police she was told to drive slowly on the road.  When she did, she said the two accused shooters rolled down the car window and shot at this house five times. Then after that, she was told to drive off.

The bullet holes are still visible at the home, spray-painted in yellow.

One of the shots hit and killed an unintended target: Darcey Kravchenko.

Kaylynn Bunnell is now charged with criminal homicide

When asked about the shooting Bunnell said nothing.

Bunnell's attorney says his client is a new mother and says that may have played a role.

“She's a young mother. She has a 6-month old son. What goes along with that often are depression and some other issues,” said defense attorney Brandon Reish.
“Are you alleging that quite possibly could have been related as to why she got involved with this?”
“There are going to be mitigating circumstances down the road that deal with her issues as a young mother,” Reish said.

Kaylynn Bunnell is in the Monroe County Prison along with three other suspects in the shooting that killed Darcey Kravchenko.

State police are still looking for Brandon Wilson who they say was involved in that deadly shooting in Monroe County.


  • johnny99

    For Whites, associating with africans is like playing Russian roulette with 5 rounds in the cylinder. Odds are, it will end badly for you. The black guy robbed someone, and who got killed? The black “gangstas” shot up a house and who is going to jail with them?

  • Gisella

    First, let me say that Darcey was like a father to me and was the kind of person that would do anything for any one. No questions asked. Whether a friend or family member or a stranger, he would without expectations or stipulation give someone his last dollar, the shirt off of his back or the food off of his plate, his death is tragic and the circumstances disgust me. What’s more disgusting is that this piece of filth walked around for 16 days after snitching out everyone else involved Bc she was being cooperative. As for her being a mother, I find that even more disgusting Bc this “mother” thought nothing of first bringing her baby to a drug deal and picking up gang members with that baby in the car. I’m thankful that she dropped that poor kid off before exposing him to the kind of violence and trauma that this “mother” exposed my little brother and sister to as her friends shot up their home and murdered their father. Her attorney is a piece of filth too…if he’s attempting a “postpartum depression” defense, he’s just slime. My first child was stillborn, it was actually Darcey that literally buried my son for me, guess what??? I was depressed, I didn’t go shoot up someone’s home. I am a single mother of 7 kids, the only help that I have gotten was from Darcey and his wife, they were also teen parents, they did not shoot anyone. I know many ppl that had children, much younger than this woman did and they had postpartum depression and they killed no one, this isn’t about her mind, it’s about her soul or lack thereof. I hope that her son never has to lay eyes on her again, that he gets the best adopted parents and has a father like Darcey. I hope that even though she took everything from my siblings when she murdered their father that that her son is fortunate enough to be given the best life possible in spite of his mother being soulless trash.

  • Sundown

    So if you’re a young mother you’re destined to be a criminal? That’s the new mantra? Guess they were gathering evidence! Her FB wall was on fire ever since this all happened. Terrible things these kids did. 3 of the people involved were originally inner city. Poconos is the first place everyone ran to from the city to get away from crime like this! Who woulda thunk that it would follow them here? When I lived in the city as a young person, everyone talked about moving upstate. Later on, the Poconos became the new favorite. ..So sorry this happened to this family..the Kravchenko family that is. This baby is better off without a mother like this.

  • AJ

    I know who this person is, very close with my family. I am happy she is getting charged. She is just as much at fault even if she wasn’t holding the smoking gun.

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