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Web Poll: Should Minimum Wage Increase?

Posted on: 7:02 pm, January 29, 2014, by , updated on: 06:13pm, January 29, 2014


A potential across the board minimum wage increase is a hot national debate.

Should minimum wage be increased to $10.10 per hour?
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  • Helen wareham says:

    The minimum wage should be raised at least to 8.50 in pa

  • tim says:

    Raise the minimum wage to $10.10hr. So big companies can’t afford to pay for health insurance.That way Obama can make everyone buy Obama Care insurance!

  • chris welles says:

    i think it should depend on the circumstance ! a company thats making millions with people with families , yes . a small business struggling to make money , with school kids working part time , no . the problem with the issue is that it pertains to everyone if passed , which doesn’t work !
    its another way to eliminate the small business in favor of the business giants that can afford it !

    • Jonathan M. says:

      Writing a law that has different minimum wages based upon how much a business is profiting woukd not work simply because profits fluctuate. A business can profit, for example, a total of $1 millions in one year then lose $20,000 the next, then profit $1,000 the following year. A law such as this would permit an employer that will only pay its employees the minimum wage to fluctuate the pay from, for example, $15.00/hour to $7.25/hour to $7.35/hour. An employer would have a difficult time retaining even employees that would like to stay if they cannot bring home a predictable pay rate, especially if their pay rate can get cut in half, as in this example.

      This type of tiered minimum wage would also make it more challenging for small businesses, whose incomes/profits, can vary much more than larger businesses, for example Wal-Mart, that have brand power. Perspective employees will then see the can make money at a higher rate and more consistently at the larger business and may not even consider the smaller ones.

  • Gidget says:

    When I moved to PA I was shocked that when I lived on the West Coast I worked two part time jobs and was making 15.65 at a grocery store and 10.50 at a fast food establishment. It saddens me that since living in NEPA I have struggled even though housing is far cheaper that I could ever have wanted!! If people think that increasing the minimum wage is going to be the solution boy are they wrong. First thing they need to do is hire people who are competent and capable to do said position before we choose to give them a higher wage. It’s sad that people want more money yet 99% of these people are the ones who complain that service is terrible.

  • Jonathan M. says:

    The minimum wage should not be increased for the simple fact that it will increase expenses on the businesses that pay at the minimum wage and any other businesses that will need to raise the pay rate for their employees to adhere to the new requirements. Most businesses do not run on enough of a profit margin to be able to absorb extra expenses. When a business ends up with more expenses being required, they have five choices, (1) cut employee hours, (2) cut staffing size, (3) cut employer-paid benefits, (4) raise prices to their customers, or (5) closes their doors. Unfortunately, cutting employee hours or staffing sizes affects customer service, and raising prices sends your customers to your competition.

    If the minimum wage is increased from the current $7.25/hour to $10.10/hour, that is a total of 40% raise. Yes the raise would be tiered over several years, but would you like to go from paying 40% more where you shop so their employees can be making more money?

    40% more equals from:
    - $1.20 for a loaf of bread to $1.68
    - $3.85 for a gallon of milk to $5.38
    - $3.25 for a Big Mac at McDonald’s to $4.55
    - $3.55 for a gallon of gas at the pump to $4.97

    Are you liking the high minimum wage now that you are paying for it?

    Now that the still minimum wage worker is making 40% more in his pay check but he is now paying 40% more at the store, still stuck in the same rut.

    Now let’s get into if the employer cuts hours or staffing numbers the make up the difference.

    You walk into the local store and you a need help finding something. You’re used to seeing, we’ll say for demonstration purposes, 30 people working in that store. Now with 40% less people working at any given time, there is right now only 18 working right now and they are all even more busy then usual helping the lines of customers also requiring help. Do you wait in line for help and then again to pay for the item? Or do you leave and go to a different store for better service? If too many customers go elsewhere, your favorite store may be forced to close while another store benefits and may be able to hire a few extra workers.

    Are you still liking the increased minimum wage? Even if your pay rate isn’t affected by the increased minimum wage, the prices that you pay almost every where will be.

    • b says:

      At first i thought hmmm, you must be a business owner. I figured the greed has overwhelmed you since you made $150,000. Then i realized you have no idea about math and are stupid. If something goes up 40%, your math states every item in your store must be raised by 40% to make up the difference. You really have no clue. Are you posting over in the legalize weed thread?

    • John says:

      why yes, I am liking the idea of a MW increase, esp considering the expenses for people are going up regardless if the increase or not. its not just kids who are in MW jobs anymore, sometimes people are in fields that at one time were profitable, now arent, so they take what they can job wise, to get by

  • Mike says:

    As social security was NEVER intended to be a primary means of support during retirement, minimum wage is not intended to support a family…period. Education and hard work motivates CAREER oriented individuals. Careers support families. Come on folks…”ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what I can do for my country”. This quote doesn’t work the other way around…think about it! I am a middle aged person, that never had a thing given to my by the USG, and frankly I’m sick and tired of this “redistribution of wealth” that our great country’s “king” has taken on.

  • Observed says:

    The tax code needs to be revisited……all the loop holes and subsidies have to go……and taxes on non productive earnings like stock market money need to be taxed to high heaven… in the 60′s. The American public can no longer afford to PAMPER AND MAKE EXCEPTIONS FOR THE WEALTHY!!

    • Gloria Perry says:

      I have read most of the comments from this area, They still believe we live in a coal mining town, everything has been going up for years, except the wages,if a pig gets a virus, our pork goes up,most people can’t live on one pay check,that’s why we need food stamps for the working people,you all seem to worry about big corporations, when you should worry about your neighbor, working two jobs and trying to pay and feed her children, give the working class a chance to improve their quality of life, then maybe they won’t need goverment assistance, and we could do away with alot of those goverment programs !
      Thank You FOR LISTENING.

  • b says:

    The problem is Corbett. Once the gasoline tax was raised, every single thing you buy is going up. And for natural gas, they don’t even sell it here at a discount, It gets shipped to the highest bidder, usually overseas. And the natural gas is not taxed? How fricking stupid, or actually corrupt, is this state government?

  • Tim says:

    Also lets not forget.. The supposedly “Affordable Care Act” is going in to affect to, lets not forget we have to pay A LOT more for healthcare now and we will be paying more taxes for this failing unaffordable health care.. That being said if you don’t raise Min Wage, how are people going to survive? I know someone who works 24 hrs a week, makes 7.50/hour and has to pay 216/Month for this Affordable health care and she WAS NOT able to get any subsidies to help her..People it’s going to affect us all more then you think..

    • Jolina says:

      While I agree with you that people need more money to be able to pay for their unaffordable health care act, socking it to small business owners is not the answer. Small business owners like your local diner for example have already been hit pretty hard with the unaffordable care act, if you strap them with across the board wage increases it will put them out of business thus costing lots of people their jobs. Lost jobs means lost taxes and more unemployment which puts a larger strain on the economy…. and here we go on the Merry Go Round. This is not the answer, we need to find another way to help the average American that will not cause a ripple effect to this magnitude!

  • Tim says:

    Lets take a step back and think about all of this..The cost of living keeps going up! If it keeps going up, how is anyone suppose to live at all. Ever since the gas companies came in to PA, Rent has skyrocketed (That is a different subject) but take that in to consideration as well. Min wage was never meant for the average person to LIVE off of, but companies in our area don’t pay much over that Min wage limit. A lot of companies don’t pay what the position is actually worth, now if your working at mcdonalds I understand your not going to make good money off a job like that but most of the jobs near Williamsport, PA don’t pay enough. Now back to the cost of living that has and continues to go up, if the companies don’t pay much over Min wage now but everything else continues to rise how is ANYONE suppose to live off of this. I personally think Min wage NEEDS to be higher! But kids at the age of 15-16 don’t support themselves as the average person over 18. I think there should be a Min wage for kids under 18- at 7.25/HR and People 18 and over-10.10 or Higher.. I understand there is inflation on things but I think if the government is going to stick there nose in to everything including your healthcare then why not set a limit on what companies can inflate certain things. Stop passing the buck to everyone, The cost of living needs to be lowered.

  • Observed says:

    Actually I could go on for hours about the exploitation of workers in this area and this country…….my brother could write a book of his own on the subject. He drives truck and up to about 5 years ago was making 60k……now either he can’t find a job that pays more than 12 bucks an hour. OR the scumbag companies he’s been working for want to send him on traffic congested trips where he sits for hours in traffic jams and they want to pay him by the mile……that’s a joke….a couple times he was out on Long Island stuck in traffic and he got paid 125.00 for 18 hours……that’s BS. I say if you can’t offer a living wage…..get out of business or do it yourself and don’t even think about child labor there are serious laws against that, thank god. Done here. Thanks for listening.

  • observed says:

    I am so tired of watching business owners taking advantage of workers….there is a business owner on keyser ave in scranton everyone in his family drives either a benz or a lexus…..but he doesnt even offer health insurance to his employees.,,,nevermind pay anything towards its it……nope….his workers get medicaid or nothing. So please im tired of the filthy pigs. I say raise it to 15.00 and call it a day.

    • b says:

      You can post his name please? We like to bring scumbags out in the open so maybe, maybe one day people can boycott his business.

      • observed says:

        B… love to say his name but id get sued for slander…..lets just say his business is on the west side of keyser ave……..sonewhere between the donut shop and valeros. Also, how do i know this about him…..he sat right infront of me and bragged about how well he treats his family and then one of his workers gave me the rest of the scoop. Out of control greed is what thats called.

  • Mike says:

    Our president is a politician, and has ZERO experience running a business. He has no concept of economics. Raising minimum wage will trigger upping wages across the entire pay spectrum. The ripple effect doesn’t stop there…business owners WILL pass those higher labor cost onto the consumer via higher prices. Higher prices will cause consumers to restrict spending. Restricted spending will constrict an already strained economy. Oh…let’s talk about artificially pumping more money in to the economy thus triggering inflation, thus devaluing the U.S. dollar, Devalued U.S. Dollar further puts the country further behind the “8-ball” in the world currency markets. Our dollar no longer is the world standard. Get ready…the Chinese will be controlling the world currency in the future. Protect yourself…buy gold and bury it in the backyard!!

  • John says:

    Companies will increase the cost of their products weather they raise the MW or not, case in point? the fact that prices have continued to go up for years, yet the MW stayed the same

    • You said it, John, everything keeps going up anyway so a raise in the minimum would help somewhat.

      • Jonathan M. says:

        Businesses do not want or like to raise their prices to their customers. The only reason they would do so is because of the rise of the expenses. If their expenses go up, but their prices stay the same, they will go into debt and eventually spell the end of their business.

      • John says:

        so its ok for a business to raise its prices because of expenses, but not to raise the MW for the same reason? the business raises their prices, guess what? the peoples expenses also go up, yet the people on MW dont get a raise to afford it, more and more jobs are going MW because they can get away with it and increase profits

  • Jo says:

    No minimum wage is for high school/college kids! Make the rest of us suffer who’ve been working for years to get our rates! What people should do is take a job even if they don’t like it and support themselves! This country is making it to easy to get everything for being a lazy bumb

  • CNA says:

    I agree minimum wage should be increased, but I think it should be an across the board raise. High School Students will end up making more than a full time CNA does per hour. I struggle to make ends meet after all the taxes have been take out of my pay and not to mentio expensive health benefits that barely cover anything. The poor continue to get poorer…

  • Just me says:

    I don’t know about other states, or even other parts of PA, but in the part of PA that I live in, WE have to pay for EVERYTHING!!!!! And the idiots that are running our local government are constantly adding more taxes on us. The latest one was a leve tax for people who line in a flood zone. Only problem is, even people who live outside of said flood zone STILL have to pay that tax. Is that fair? Oh an lets talk about our garbage fees. We have to pay a fee for our garbage to be hauled away, AND ALSO BUY special garbage bags. If you don’t use one of these bags, then your trash is left on the sidewalk. And the bags cost (at the moment) $8.75 for small bags, and $10.75 for 30 gallon size, and you only get 5 bags.So now your paying 2 garbage fees, not to mention the little white bags that you buy to line the garbage cans in your house, so now your paying 3 garbage fees. It’s totally insane, The prices on everything from food, to the gas you put in your car, to the fuel you use to heat your house, to the water you use to flush your toilets, is ALWAYS going up anyway, and it’s extreamly hard to make ends meet on $7.25 an hour. A miniume wage hike to $10.10 would be fantastic, even tho we all know that the goods we use every day will go up, as will everthing else, and in the long run, we will still be in the same boat. It would still me nice to see more money in my paycheck, if even for a little while.

    • b says:

      Where is this garbage tax at? Please post the township and all the supervisors names. That is really pathetic and i can bet someone is related to whomever sells the bags or owns the garbage trucks. I would burn all paper, recycle everything else, garden compost pile the rest.

  • Mike says:

    The problem is not that pay doesn’t go up, the problem is that when pay goes up, everything else goes up too. What we need to do is put limits on how much some of these politicians are allowed to make, especially when they are not doing their jobs. Did anyone in congress lose a penny in the government shutdown? No, they punished the working class for their own inability to do their jobs. Stop importing and supporting the rest of the world and take care of America. How many people in japan go out and buy a Buick?

  • Tracy says:

    Wow! After reading some of the comments on here, I think I know why we are a debt ridden society. Cause and effect here. Raise the minimum wage and watch consumer prices go up. Yes, corporations make millions, billions, etc. Do you really think a multi-million dollar corporation is going to absorb that and NOT pass it along? No way. Maybe if someone would actually audit the Federal Reserve and find out how it controls inflation (good or bad) then, maybe, just maybe we would find out our dollar would go a lot further. By the way, the Federal Reserve isn’t even a part of the federal government. They adopted that name after they ‘manufactured’ a money crisis in order to make it more palatable to the average American. No, to a minimum wage increase.

  • Bill says:

    What most are missing in th ecomments is that it is not just the raise in the wage but HOW MUCH THE GOVERMENT WILL GET FROM IT.
    If it puts you in a higher tax bracket you will pay more in income tax and do not forget the Social Security and Medicare tax out of that and the increase in prices to support the extra cost on the good and service, you will have gained very little but you will be happy that you got a pay increase

    • ryry says:

      A part time person on min wage makes less than $8,000 a year. So for a part time person on $10.10 an hour, they would still be just shy under $12,000. The minimum you must make to be taxed is $12,000. So Federal tax you get it all back what they took, same with state and local taxes. But Medicare, and SS would be about 50 to 100 extra a year.

  • Corey Honabach says:

    Raising minimum wage does not automatically remove people from poverty, it simply makes the poverty line a higher number in name only. Prices of goods and services simply go up (inflation) and the net result is nothing really changes, but the President diverts attention away from the real economic problems. If the federal government didn’t spend so wastefully, they could cut taxes.

  • baba says:

    i do not believe it should be 7.25…… its so hard to get a job to begin with…. and since thats alll they have to pay you…. thats what they do…. they need to raise it to at least $9.00

  • John says:

    I realize most people don’t understand the full affect this would have on our economy and life in general, however as a small business owner I can say first hand that I would need to eliminate several jobs as well as increase myprices 35-40% to compensate. How would this be helpful to anyone?? Some people losing their jobs and everyone paying higher prices. Most of us small business owners live week to week just like everyone else, and taking even more away would do nothing but harm the economy even more.

    • ryry says:

      Business is a competition. You need to lower your overhead costs. And charge your prices with the cost of overhead. And if you can’t then your business isn’t sustainable. And if you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t be in business.

      • John says:

        Perhaps you’re not aware of the fact that employees are the largest overhead :) You are completely correct…when you start lowering overhead you start at the top.

    • ryry says:

      Also, your gas, electric, phone, sewer, water, garbage, office and cleaning supplies, rent, along with your food costs if your a restaurant. Simplify your menu. And so on, and make multipurpose meals with the same products. Employees should be the last thing on the list. Cut every corner first, then your people. You just need to look at everything as a cost, and think do we need that? Running water, lights being left on, excessive waste. You can save thousands on just those few things.

      • John says:

        All situations and businesses are obviously different. I can only base my opinion on what I know is factual. Employee wages, workman’s comp, my contribution to payroll taxes and health insurance that I pay for my employees accounts for 74% of my total overhead. Perhaps you should tell my employees….some of which have been with me as long as 25 years that my business isn’t sustainable.

      • Apparently, you have never run a business. Overhead in most operations is already cut to the bone, and in increase in the wage INCREASES ALL of those expenses. The cost of an employee is close to double what the hourly wage is, and all of those costs are tied to the wage. Are you aware that YOU only pay half of your Social Security and Medicare? Your employer pays the other half. Unemployment insurance, workman’s comp, liability insurance, dozens of little things that an employee never thinks of, but an employer deals with everyday.

        What will happen this time? Employers gave little choice; they will reduce the number of employees, and as the prices go up to balance off the expense increase, the actual buying power of the increased pay rate actually declines, and those that still have the jobs are worse off than they were before.

  • laura says:

    Lower the cost of living then mybe bring up the wage to 9 dollars let people catch up some. If your not bring the cost of living down then it should be ten ten an hour.

  • politicalgadfly says:

    Where does the government get the authority to set a minimum wage? I want the specific Articles and sections from both the US and Pa. Constitutions.
    As for living on MW, how many illegals are here doing so and sending money home at the same time all under the table?
    Those who are on MW for more than a few weeks, months at most are serial job seekers who are either fired or quit on a regular basis and fail to garner the skills and experience to advance.
    I want WNEP to go out and talk to company owners and managers who deal with MW workers daily. Ask how many such employees call off just before scheduled, show up late or simply fail to show period. Then ask yourself; Do these people really deserve a wage hike?

  • ryry says:

    Business is a competition. If you can’t afford it, you go out of businesses. Only the strongest survive. The people who know what they are doing, stay afloat. Most companies make Millions, and BILLIONS a year, by paying minimum wage. So they would still make money, just not billions. And the same thing was said when the minimum wage law was put in place. Many places pay more than minimum wage. Wegmans, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, and so on. Some franchises also pay more than minimum wage, and they are still in business. If people make more an hour, guess what? People will have money, and start buying things again. The prices have went up on everything do to inflation, and the wage stayed the same.

  • Michele says:

    You want the healthy economy back stop free imports. The economy began its slide when the US stopped taxing imports, our jobs went to the china. Until this is addressed our economy will continue to decline.

  • rj boston says:

    Yes, the minium wage should be increased.

    Even at a $10.00 minium per hour, I can’t see how anyone can get by in this economy. This is especially so in this economically depressed NE PA area.

  • Lynn Puddu says:

    I believe the minimum wage should be increased. Its ridiculous to think a person single or with a family can even survive on those low wages.
    I also think the excuse of having to lay off workers etc.are just a complete cop out to just not pay higher wages to the hard working minimum wage earners…….

  • Michael Clayton says:

    I think instead of raising wages they should focus they’re attention on bringing down the overall cost of living. History shows us that increasing minimum wage only raises the overall cost of living. Companies aren’t going to simply absorb the cost of wage increases, they will pass that cost on to the consumer. The cost of food will go even higher making it necessary to hand out more in food stamps causing the deficit to go up causing inflation and seeing up the need for another wage increase over time…instead focus legislation and spending cuts to work towards paying down the deficit causing overall deflation and a healthier more robust GDP, allowing for an expansion of the National workforce by promoting a steady sustainable wage

    • ryry says:

      That wont work. Corporations control the whole market, and they make too much money to mess with. They wouldn’t give a penny to save someones life. But if you try to mess with their money, they hire lawyers for thousands of dollars an hour to say its not legal to tell them what to do.

  • london kibler says:

    raising the minium wage will only cost jobs increase cost across the board for everything if our government want to help they should stop giving away the money that the hard working american’s pay into taxes to forigen countries and help its own people with it then we wouldn’t have to brow from other countries like china to pay our own bills any one with any brains can tell you borrowing money to pay your bills will only get you in deeper I don’t know who the presidents advisors are when it comes to this countrys budget and fiancés are but they obviously are very bad at there jobs or are just yes men for obamas agenda

  • George E Hoverocker says:

    It should be raised I don’t now how some one live on minimum wage

  • Michele says:

    You will watch more and more jobs disappear, small business especially can not afford this.

  • Cortney says:

    Anyone that has taken a basic economics course understands how horrible this idea is. Inflation will set in and cause much more problems then good. Raising the minimum wage will not change the the lower classes standard of life. A company that employs people at minimum wage must make up for the lost profit that resulted from the increased minimum wage. This will result in higher prices (inflation). The law of supply and demand will also kick in, resulting in even higher unemployment (which is a lot higher then reported since it does not account for a variety of factors such as underemployment.) THUS increasing minimum wage will ultimately hurt our economy as well as each and everyone of us, benefiting NO ONE.

    • ryry says:

      Companies pay min wage, because that’s all they need to give to have employees. If McDonald’s could, they would be paying 10 cents an hour. But guess what, most places that ‘can’t afford’ to pay minimum wage, somehow they manage to make millions a year. Interesting how that works.

    • Corey Honabach says:

      Well said!

    • ryry says:

      Also, other countries that pay well above our $7.25 an hour.

      Australia:16.37per hour
      Canada: 9.95 per hour
      Belgium: 11.69 per hour
      France: 12.22 per hour
      Ireland: 11.09 per hour
      Japan: 8.32 per hour
      Luxembourg: 14.24 per hour
      Monaco: 12.83 per hour
      Netherlands: 10.99 per hour
      New Zealand: 11.18 per hour
      United Kingdom: 10.02 per hour

      And they all seem to be doing a lot better than we are right now.

    • John says:

      the problem , Courtney, is that prices have gone up WITHOUT an increase in the minimum wage. so , in reality, the argument against the increase of MW sounds invalid

  • Jennifer says:

    While I appreciate that people cannot live on a salary of minimum wage, do people, and our president not realize that if you increase minimum wage the cost of EVERYTHING will increase- they will be back in the same boat- and many small businesses will not be able to survive- this is basic economics….if those making minimum wage are unhappy, then be responsible and do something about it, like continuing their education to get better employment- there are programs out there to help them do just that and make a better life for themselves….

  • Matt says:

    Raising the minimum wage to $10hr only raises the price of everything else so what’s the point!!!

  • logan nelson says:

    I think it should be even higher as well its hard to get money specialy if ur single and have a kid

  • what about those on SS I took my mom’ s and my SS ad figured our wages out per hour — results Mom is $6.43 and mine is $4.12 how fair is that — we only got a COL $14 “raise” — that is not even $3 per hour — and we get paid once a month

  • Corinne says:

    It should be raised even higher with the way the world runs anymore. Everything is so expensive. It’s so hard to get ahead! Everything else goes up, except pay!

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