Bloomsburg Woman Among Those Sick On Ship

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NEW JERSEY---As The Explorer of the Seas cruise ship pulled into port in New Jersey, one passenger yelled, "We made it!"

For hundreds of passengers aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise, it was rough seas for the past few days.

Health officials said about 630 passengers and 54 crew members fell ill with a violent stomach bug.

Among those on board was a couple from Bloomsburg.

"We knew getting on that ship that in the United States, H1N1 was at epidemic proportions, and so we knew what the possibilities were," said Sue Rogutski of Bloomsburg.

The 10-day cruise was cut short because of the illness.

Despite the less than relaxing time on the ship, Rogutski said the staff did a great job.

"Though it was a bad situation all around, and it was very bad, Royal
Caribbean bent over backwards to provide everything we needed. The problem as it happened so quickly and there were so many cases, they weren't ready for what happened. "


  • prof. crunch

    The epidemic the CDC should investigate is the rampant stupidity of people in this country. Beam me up Scotty, wrong planet, no intelligent life down here. How many times is this now with problems of cruise ships, and yet???

  • Heidi McDonough

    That must have been awful! I hope they are feeling better. That being said, a stomach bug (no matter how severe) is not in any way the same as H1N1, which is a type of flu virus. The way the article is worded, it makes it seem as though they are the same thing. I believe she was using H1N1 as an example of an illness that could spread quickly in close quarters, but people may read it differently.

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