Selinsgrove Wrestling Team Punished For Hazing Incident

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One high school wrestling team in Central PA will not be allowed to compete in this Saturday’s District 4 wrestling tournament.

The Selinsgrove Varsity team had to withdraw from the event after a hazing incident was discovered.

The Selinsgrove Varsity wrestling team is finding itself in some hot water after it was caught up in an incident of hazing.

while the team was allowed to face off against jersey shore in the match Tuesday night, the Selinsgrove Area Superintendent says after learning the team violated the district`s hazing policy, it will not participate in this Saturday`s PIAA District 4 Tournament in Milton.

“It definitely could have been a lot worse, we could have had our season ended but it sucks it`s two more, three more matches that we could have done,” said senior Austin Lewis.

No one was on suspended from the team, however the seals were also forced to forfeit last Saturday`s match against Williamsport.

Still school officials say no one was injured, physically or mentally, and police are not involved.

“What went on was more embarrassing than anything,” said head coach Seth Martin. “I`m trying to save my team a little bit of, I don`t need anyone picking on them about it more than what they already have.”

Parents say they agree with the district`s decision to handle the hazing in-house.

“It`s, what do you expect, kids are kids sometimes, things happen, just move on, go with the next step,” said parent Jeff Radel.

All involved say they just want to move forward as well.

“Not forget about what happened, because it did happen, we`re not going to forget about it but we`re going to forget without forgetting if that makes sense,” said Martin.

“We definitely learned that we need to not do that kind of stuff, we need to stay focused a little more I guess,” said Lewis.


  • You've got to be kidding me

    As a student at Selinsgrove high school and relative of a member on the team, I am fully appalled at this incident. Hazing being dealt with in home is a awful idea. Parents will probably give their kid a slap on the wrist at most, but this is a full on assault. How do we know no one was hurt? Mentally, physically, or emotionally with no police or outside involvement? The ones doing the hazing were seniors (so I’m told.) In one or so years, this kind of thing would be labeled assault and then the kid would have that on his criminal record. How can we take this so lightly? This isn’t the first time hazing has went on in Selinsgrove either. Sounds like another incident where selinsgrove is holding athletics over everything else, as usual. What also kills me is as a student, I’m going to be the one to sit through all of the lame bullying assemblies when really it should be the administrators that run this sort of thing! You can bet that I’ll be writing to several newspapers about this. Punishing the whole team is the only way for everyone in charge to look good, like they’re filling some kind of justice. Don’t believe everything a bunch of higher-ups and some media reports to you. (That’s one thing I’m glad Selinsgrove taught me).

  • Former Seal

    And to everyone saying it’s a cover up and the person comparing this incident to the one at Penn State – get over yourselves!

  • Chris

    I have been hazed for several things, including high school sports. I have also been a hazer. After having studied psychology in college, I agree hazing can be very dangerous to a person, in multiple ways. However, if hazing is done without malicious intent, and is done without risk of injury, infection, bodily harm, etc., the hazee is aware of what will occur, and (if they are a minor) have told their parents what the ‘tradition’ is to join x group, then I can’t say I have any objections.

  • Concerend

    Just incase anyone has forgot what hazing is and does to ppl!!!

    Hazing is the practice of rituals and other activities involving harassment, abuse or humiliation used as a way of initiating a person into a group. Hazing is seen in many different types of social groups, including gangs, sports teams, schools, military units, and fraternities and sororities. In the United States and Canada, hazing is often associated with Greek-letter organizations. Hazing is often prohibited by law and may comprise either physical or psychological abuse. It may also include nudity or sexually-oriented offenses.

    If no one was hurt or humiliated by what happened the school should not say it was hazing. If someone was hurt or humiliated the cops should have been called!!!

  • Tiffany

    If there is a Hazing, no matter how big or small, the police should be involved and the kids responsible should be punished! When there is a Hazing, there is always, at least, mental damage done. It is NOT just kids being kids and it should not be tolerated in ANY school! Someone needs to stand up for this victim. Definitely sounds like a cover up to me. Very sad.

    • Kassi

      My brother is on the team and you need no chill because nobody was hurt or bothered by the incident what happened was simply boys being boys and the principal even stated this in the meeting they interviewed all the boys and they all felt horrible because what they did I bet you would be guilty of doing too it was stupid which was why the boys did not get punished if they would have gotten cops involved they would have laughed. Thee news like always is making this look a Lot worse that what is like usual. So before u jump to conclusions get your facts straight if it was your kid you would have laughed at what happened it was simple boys being boys they had no clue it would be called hazing but as the school saw what was really happening they realized it is not hazing

  • b

    More pussification of America. Oh, my baby was bullied. Cut their peas and carrots up in tiny little pieces so your precious snowflake doesn’t choke on them. Buy baby a brand new car to go to school.

  • tom

    Sounds like typical NE high school sports.Individuals will not be known.Parents think these things are not serious.Anything to protect their little darlings from being punished.

    • candy

      another high school hazing being swept under the rug, more being said about the teams feelings than about the victim involved ! its disgusting ! and anyone involved in a hazing is mentally hurt and embarrassed.. its so wrong. Im sure there is more to it than they are telling but its so important to protect the coach and the team and the hell with the victims!

      • someone else's mother

        I know first hand the specifics of the situation, and what happened really was not a big deal. It was not one specific student that was targeted. It was the whole team basically goofing off and the school probably felt they needed to address it in this litigious society. No one was harmed physically or mentally.

      • Seals#1

        You know that the media does this to get a rise out of everyone, right? Who knows if the victim was interviewed or not? They won’t tell you that.This whole story is about giving Selinsgrove another bad reputation.

  • JK

    Who writes these stories? The second two paragraphs are completely unneeded not to mention similar, and nowhere do we find out exactly what happened or who was involved. It sounds like a cover up where you admit to one thing to keep the worst of the story from coming out. Hazing and bullying are serious and someone with more objectivity (the authorities maybe) should have been brought in. Anyone remember Penn State?

  • someone's mother

    I believe there should have been suspensions to the individuals that participated. Not just forfeits for games. They were punished as a team, but I think individual punishments are warranted.

  • Sundown

    Hazing is bad enough in college, lives have been lost…but in high school? unacceptable all around! Glad the situation was dealt with and the kids involved seemed to learn something from it. But the whole kids are kids mentality is what get people hurt or worse. It is NOT normal to take unnecessary risk where another person’s well-being is compromised and we should never act as if it is.

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