Lovable Lemon Healing But Needs Home

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- An animal shelter in Lackawanna County is thanking the community for donations to help get a lovable pit bull much needed surgery.

Donations helped pay for the surgery but now the dog named Lemon needs a home and those who know him say Lemon sure is sweet, not sour.

Get too close to Lemon the pit bull and this is likely to happen: a lot of sloppy doggy kisses. We met the playful pooch less than a day after he had surgery at veterinary referral and emergency center near Clarks Summit.

“Lemon is fantastic. I can't believe how he's using his leg already and the staff here already loves him like my staff does up at Griffin Pond. He is a crowd favorite,” said Kristen Anderson, a Griffin Pond Animal Shelter worker.

Anderson got her first look at Lemon after surgery repaired a torn leg ligament. He has a bit of a limp at times but his doctor says he is recovering very well.

“He's doing fantastic and I think half of it is that he's such an active participant in his own healing because you can see he has a great personality.  You can see he's a big schmooie.  I think he's going to do very well,” said Dr. Nichole Danova at Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center.

Donations to the animal shelter helped pay for the surgery, some “Lemon aid.”

“I'm sure if Lemon could, he would thank everyone.  He was definitely feeling sore, he was moping in the kennel. You could tell he was very sad, but that's definitely not the case today, thank you,” Anderson said.

Now that Lemon is starting to heal, the next step is to get him a home, a foster home or, more importantly, a permanent home where he'll get a lot of love.

“I think he would have found a great home without having the surgery, but he would have always been lame, so why not give him the opportunity to be on all four paws and run jump and play as we know he can,” Dr. Danova said.

Pit bulls may get some bad publicity at times but certainly not this sweet Lemon.

“These guys are sweethearts until proven otherwise and it's not the dog that is bad.  Unfortunately the environments that can make them bad.  I mean look at this guy. He will lick your face off, he's just love and hug and sweet, it's not the breed,” added Dr. Danova.

If you want to adopt Lemon, contact the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter near Clarks Summit at (570) 586-3700.

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