Cold Weather Benefits For Your Health

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SCRANTON -- Over the last couple of weeks, temperatures for the most part have been below freezing. That has kept a lot of people indoors but some doctors say this cold weather actually benefits your health.

It’s a winter that will go down in the books here in northeastern and central Pennsylvania from the sudden warms up, to the snow and frigid temperatures, most people have had it with this wacky winter.

“It's one of those places where you can get sunburn in the morning and frostbite in the evening,” said Ron Kubowicz of Scranton.

Doctors at the Geisinger clinic in Wilkes-Barre Township say there are benefits to this chilly air, more than most people realize.

“In cold weather we usually see a decrease in joint inflammation which can help patients with arthritis, but they'll still feel storms coming. You also see much less in bug-borne illness like Lyme disease and ticks and other things that can attack all summer and fall,” said dr. Richard Huntington at Geisinger- Kistler Clinic.

Newswatch 16 met up with some shoppers to see if they believe cold weather has its perks.

Jack Conklin says he isn't seeing any perks, at least for him.

“It's good for the people up in the mountain. There they are making their money with the skiers and whatnot. But for us folks down here it's a little rough,” said Jack Conklin of Wilkes-Barre.

Dr. Huntington says outdoor activities aren’t bad this time of year, because even in the cold, your body is working overtime.

“When you're out in the cold, your body naturally, even with shivering just trying to compensate with the cold weather, will make you burn more calories.”

Even though it may only be 10 degrees at Montage Mountain the cold weather is not stopping people from hitting the slopes and burning a few extra calories.

We found Joe Quinn of Philadelphia snowboarding down one of the slopes, and on a cold day like this he had it all to himself. He says it’s a great workout, but not quite a workout he would get at the gym.

"It's not as much as in the gym. It's enough for the legs. It's a good leg workout for sure,” Quinn said.

Doctors say another benefit you may see this time of year is that your allergies might not be that bad, mainly because the air is too cold for allergens to be floating around. As for springtime allergies, doctors say,   it's too early to tell!