Slow Days for Car Washes

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- It's been a slow couple of weeks for some car wash places in our area. Cars may be dirty, but with temperatures as low as they've been. There are concerns that cars would freeze after a car wash. But the slightly warmer weather Monday had drivers rushing to get the salt cleaned off.

Joe Fumanti, of Laflin, got his car washed at Orloski's in Wilkes-Barre Township. It's something he made sure to put off until the temperature was above 18 degrees.

"When it gets down to that cold, it'll be frozen solid before I even get home," said Joe Fumanti of Laflin.

Owner Jerry Orloski said that's exactly the train of thought that kept customers away these past few weeks.

"We definitely slow down when it gets very cold. When the temperature gets up closer to 30, we'll see business pick up," said Jerry Orloski, Orloski's Car Wash owner.

Orloski said no matter the temperature, when cars do come in, he's still able to clean the salt off.

"Some people are reluctant. We wash cars every day of the year. We washed cars last week in temperatures, it was like two below in the morning," said Orloski.

One of the ways Orloski said he deals with cleaning the cars in especially cold temperatures is by using heated air to dry them.

Some drivers said they're just not willing to take that chance.

"Nobody wants to wash their car when it's freezing because they're going to freeze. I don't keep it in a garage so you can't wash it," said Tom Sachleben, of Girardville.